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N-Media’s objective is very straight forward that to server WordPress community. We started in 2010 with our promising objective and we fulfilled it in such short time. Stats given on left side is what we have delivered under WordPress. N-Media is a team of handpicked developers who develop plugins using N-Media’s own Plugin Development Framework which use WordPress best practices.

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WordPress + WooCommerce Plugins

  1. WooCommerce Personalized Product
    1. 13 Types input
    2. Best file upload
    3. Image editing
    4. On page validation
    5. Data attached with Orders and Email
    6. Thumbs support for images
    7. Unique Features, Guaranteed
    8. Conditional fields display
  2. WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager
    1. Change Labels of existing fields
    2. Create/Edit Billing and Shippings
    3. Drag and drop fields admin console
    4. File input
    5. Pre Upload image
    6. Datepicker
    7. Mask input
    8. File size, type control
  3. WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway – Inline
    1. Inline Checkout Supported
    2. Itemized Checkout
    3. Best price, Guaranteed
    4. Post Billing and Shipping information
  4. WooCommerce Store Customizer
    1. Customize Following pages
    2. Shop page
    3. Product page
    4. Cart page
    5. Checkout page
    6. Set Button labels
  5. WooCommerce Client File Upload After Checkout
    1. One to one message between admin and client
    2. File upload/attachment
    3. Email Notification
    4. Each conversation attached with order in admin
    5. Responsive design
    6. Thumb support for images
    7. File size, type control
  6. WordPress Front end File Upload and Download Plugin
    1. Secure File upload script, Guaranteed
    2. File meta
    3. File list sorting, searching, pagination
    4. Secure download link
    5. Admin email notification
    6. Thumb support for images
    7. Responsive design
    8. File size, type control
  7. WordPress Front end File Repository Plugin
    1. Front end file upload for each member
    2. Attach unlimited inputs as meta
    3. Search files and directory
    4. Download all file for any user in one click
    5. Directory Tree
  8. WordPress Front end File Sharing Plugin
  9. WordPress Front end User Private Messaging
  10. WordPress Contact Form with Best File Upload
  11. Mailchimp List subscribe with Campaign creator

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