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Tripod – Professional WordPress Photography Theme


Responsive premium WordPress theme

Thank you for choosing CosmoThemes and purchasing one of our Premium WordPress Themes – your choice is greatly appreciated!
Tripod is a responsive drag-and-drop layout builder WordPress theme intended to power professional photographers blogs or sites coming with complex image gallery options.

Drag and drop template builder

You can use the template builder to display any content type you wish on any page: category posts, tags, banners, team groups, testimonials, latest or featured post, widgets, even individual posts.
For each added element you can choose how to display your content: carousel, filter, load more button or pagination and sort the content by date, likes, number of views, etc.
You can also choose your layout: full width or with sidebar and enable the mosaic, grid, thumbnail or list-view.
The template builder is also available for each post / page so you can add elements on your individual posts following the same rules as for template builder.
When you initially install the theme, you will already have 3 default templates in your list:
– Mainpage that is assigned for your Mainpage layout
– Default that is assigned for your Archives by date, Post format, Post type, Attachment, Author, Categories,Tags, Search layouts, etc.
– Posts that is assigned for your Pages, Posts and Gallery Layout
Each template is comprised of the following areas: Header, Content and Footer.
Each of these areas contains several so-called elements: Logo, Main menu, Log in menu, Slideshow, Widgets, etc
Thus, the general rule for Templates is to divide content in areas and add desired elements in custom places at user´s will.

Multiple layouts – Timeline view, list view, grid view, masonry view, thumbnail view

You can have multiple blog layouts: grid view, thumbnails view, mosaic or list view and choose between the image resize method: resize or crop.
You can use the narrow or large port-view layout by simply ticking the corresponding setting from backend.
Not the least, you can add background images for individual posts or for the whole site. The theme comes with several predefined background patterns, as well.

Built-in “Like” system

Enable the “Like” feature to let users easily access faved posts and raise their rating. When a certain post reaches the limit of 50 likes it will become hot. The like limit can be changed from backend while the number of likes for all posts can be randomly generated.

Tooltip helpers

Ever wondered how to tell your users of a specific feature or important message on your site? You can now achieve this with theme’s built-in tooltip manager. You can use it on every single page on your site being able to add an infinite number of such hints.

Responsive theme

Tripod is a responsive theme. It uses a framework that permits the site to be accessed on all mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android powered tablets.

Human time

Enable human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back to the native WordPress time format from settings.

Facebook and default comments

You can either enable the default comment system or opt for the Facebook comments.
Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

Sidebars and widgets

The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme: Categories with icons, Content tabber (hot posts, new, comments, tags), Flickr, Twitter, Latest posts, Social media, Top authors.
Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

Social media ready

All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that users can click and promote any content of your web site. Enable or Disable them for any particular post or page.

Powerful backend

Tripod comes with a revised powerful back-end to let you control all sites option without the need to hack or customize your own features.

Other features

The theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, image resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media sharing, and comes with an extensive documentation to help you get started.
The Revolution Slider presented in the demo is ALREADY INCLUDED in the archive.

Translatable theme. Internationalization ready

Tripod comes with a .PO file that allows you to translate the theme into your language. Follow the instructions from documentation.


If you happen to face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support that is conducted through the CosmoThemes support forums:

Support for all the themes will be available only at the support forum.


version 4.1 (Sept 14th, 2015)
-UPDATE: WP 4.3 widget deprecated function update
-UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.4.4 on the go
-FEATURE: Added option to disable mobile menu swiping.
-FIX: undefined variable JS error
-UPDATE: mobile info button styled
-FEATURE: gallery info for mobile devices
-FEATURE: WPLR recommended plugin added –
-FEATURE: gallery info for mobile devices
-FEATURE: Social sharing on single Gallery
-FEATURE: Lazy loading for vertical scroll galleries
-FEATURE: Disable header collapser option
-FIXED: Folio first image on open
-FIX: A small mobile menu styling fix.

version 4.0 (June 26thth, 2015)
– UPDATE: deleted Cosmo API deprecated function
– FIX: PrettyPhoto security update
– UPDATE: deleted unused My Orders WooCommerce template
– UPDATE: hex2rgb function renamed for compatibility with other plugins
– UPDATE: The ‘Read More’ symbol now links to the post.
– FEATURE: Added option to change menu items hover color.
– FEATURE: Added option to hide gallery/post/page titles.
– FIX: password protected galleries on iPad view
– FIX: Mosaic view hover effect fix.
– FIX: undefined variable fixed
– FIX: Margin for protected galleries fix.
– UPDATE: deleted old recommended WooCommerce archive

version 3.9 (May 18th, 2015)
FIX: post format gallery – issue when attached images are included in the top gallery slider;
NEW OPTION: in typeography, change menu font;
FEATURE: added mobile menu swipe for mobile devices;
FIX: isotope filter fix for filtered thumb view;
FIX: filter by categories view when using WPML;
FEATURE: added custom columns to Gallery custom posts;
NEW OPTION: caption option for gallery posts;
FIX: Video in gallery fix due to WP update;
FIX: WC shipping totals fixed;
FIX: WooCommerce country fix;
FIX: Twitter fatal error fix try #1;
UPDATE: WC 2.3.8 update;
FIX: WooCommerce Checkout Payment methods fixed;
FIX: shipping country selector;
FIX: meta function fixes;
NEW OPTION: Sticky header option added;
FIX: Mobile menu and grid/thumb view fixes;
UPDATE: If grid view and thumbnail view has masonry enabled, the hover effect will be disabled;
FIX: Mobile menu scrolling fix;
NEW OPTION: Select gallery type for mobile devices;
FIX: Pretty photo disabled for small screens;
FIX: Jetpack views will not reset anymore once per month;
FIX: Shop page fix;

version 3.8 (March 09th, 2015)
– Disabled old-version WC style notice;
– Added 2 more (4 total) related products for single product pages;
– FIXED: error when prettyPhoto is disabled;
– Update to WC 2.3.5;
– Fixed ALT/Caption text for folio gallery popups;
– Added needed images to Tripod;
– Added animation autoplay options in functions.js, for Sly;
– FIX: logo description option fix;

version 3.7 (January 15th, 2015)
– New option for adding new fonts, in Typography;
– Next / previous post buttons added to Vertical / Mosaic galleries;
– Enhanced functionality for thumbnail custom links: if an image link is added, the link will be opened in Pretty Photo Lightbox;

version 3.6 (December 22nd, 2014)
– Gallery slideshow speed enhancing;
– Wishlist re-build for mobile layout;
– Fixed JS error while reloading the Gallery Slideshow multiple times;
– WooCommerce reccommended plugin update;
– Fixed pseudoelements while there are no comments;
– Fixed Testimonial on mobile view;
– Fixed bank account styling in WooCommerce;
– Fixed the “My account” menu for mobiles;
– “My account” endpoints added for WooCommerce;
– Folio gallery decreased gallery loading time;
– WooCommerce plugin archive in reccommended plugins updated;
– Add to cart button fixed;

version 3.5 (November 27th, 2014)
– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search button translation;
– WP 4.0 shortcode fix;
– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search button translation;
– Cosmouploader error fix, typo fix in portfolio uploader, Related posts and tags fixed for portfolios;
– styling fixes for black version;
– Black version for the comment box fixed;
– Fixed update feature for program link;
– Translation fixed repeating events dates, also the Search button translation;
– Translation fixed for week days in events;
– Translation fixed for event format archives;
– Translation fixed for event categories;

version 3.4 (October 22nd, 2014)
– added option for disabling mobile view, in Styling;
– added option to select what should contain the image alt tag, in galleries. Option added in Blog setting;
– fixed small JS error for Firefox, while adding video to sly images;
– Fixed text formatting in Testimonials views;
– Fixed featured image mask error for old PHP versions;
– added wide ratio format for videos in sly gallery;

version 3.3 (August 20th, 2014)
– Increased image size for Open Graph;
– Fixed body class misinterpretation by WordPress, for galleries/gallery posts;
– Added the option, to randomize images in the gallery, on every refresh. Option located in every gallery settings;
– Vertical gallery pretty photo fix;
– Fixed related posts bug;
– Added fullscreen slideshow option for all galleries. Option found in gallery’s settings ;
– Added Pretty Photo lightbox for classic gallery, on image click;
– Added “reverse order” image display option for all galleries. Option found in gallery’s settings ;
– Added comments options for all galleries except Sly and Image Flow;
– Added related posts options for all galleries except Sly and Image Flow.

version 3.2 (July 14, 2014)
– added “latin extended” prefix to Google URL’s;
– added custom link for images, in Sly/Vertical/Mosaic gallery. Option available here;
– fixed the bug: Cannot delete custom link/video from galleries;
– made videos in Sly gallery fully responsive and workable;
– added the option to show/hide the collapse button in galleries, even if gallery info is hidden ;
– added “new tab” option for thumbnails in views. Option is found in post’s options ;
– added color option for the links, in Styling ;
– Added 10s timeout for Instagram widget response;
– fixed billing background color;

version 3.1 (June 04, 2014)
– fix error for classic and folio gallery, when only one image is added to the gallery;
– vertical gallery fix: preview of the images is before all images are loaded;
– added more social networks for team members;
– disabled unnecessary calls to external links;
– fixed vertical gallery image positioning;
– Image flow gallery scrollbar position;
– disabled “Replay-To” header from email structure, as some hostings do not support it;
– the WordPress default gallery was styled;
– disabled “Replay-To” header from email structure, as some hostings do not support it;
– added video option for vertical and sly gallery. Work to be done for responsive fixes on Sly; TUTORIAL:
– added fade effect on adding / modifying video in gallery;
– styling video icon on gallery image thumbnail.

version 3.0 (April 29th, 2014)
– FEATURE: added black theme design option in styling;
– disabled Pretty Photo icon on mobile screens for Vertical Gallery;
– attached Pretty Photo icon to image rather than to image div;
– fixed bug related to post format Gallery;
– fixed image size setting for post format Gallery;

version 2.9 (April 17th, 2014)
– Changed the way the Sly Gallery reacts on Left/Right image buttons and Left/Right keyboard arrows. “Second-image” overlap bug fixed;
– FEATURE: added new gallery type: vertical scroll. It has option for image margin, in blog settings;
– Fixed 2 errors 404 for Image Flow gallery;
– Fix for WP 3.9 masonry update – hook was renamed;

version 2.8 (April 9th, 2014)
– Fixed tab filtering image moving effect;
– Option added for Gallery posts – custom links for thumbnails in views. Fixed link option for the posts.;

version 2.7 (April 7th, 2014)
– fixed Facebook comment width bug;
– Search term translation on WooCommerce search;
– FEATURE: added custom link in post options, for post thumbnails;
– Pretty Photo fix for Chrome;
– FEATURE: added captions to sly gallery, and options in gallery settings and in Options;
– FEATURE: added option for enable/disable mask effect for post featured image;
– fixed accordion widget responsive layout;
– fixed menu color when active;
– tuned AJAX pagination for slow hostings;
– fixed FB bug;
– Deleted “Permalink to” hover text.;
– fixed 404 error for the image background in wooshop;

version 2.6 (March 3rd, 2014)
– fixed Pretty Photo bug on cropping the Facebook like;
– fix featured image;
– fixed style bug for red arrows in contact form;
– fixed responsive bug on hover, for thumbnails;
– fixed like disable for pages;
– child menu items were intended with 30px, to make the difference from their parents;
– fixed top cart;
– added WooCommerce 2.0.9 and Envato Toolkit as recommended plugins;

version 2.5 (February 5th, 2014)
– fixed next/previous buttons on full-width layouts;
– disabled IE8 and 9 notification;
– fixed hover effect for mosaic galleries;

version 2.4 (January 23rd, 2014)
– added header/footer hiding, on galleria load;
– disabled top message for old IE browsers;
– fixed image crop on masonry for grid, as well image zoom when animation is disabled for all views;
– deleted useless code that was making requests to ThemeForest’s API;

version 2.3 (January 10th, 2014)
– changed color for the arrows in classic gallery, from white to grey;
– Fixed displaying the text content when gallery is password protected, for lists;
– fixed warning while hosting server has allow_url_fopen to OFF, for non-retina logos;
– We styled links in post content, as everybody was asking about it ;)
– added a hide header/footer button when gallery is included to frontpage;

version 2.2 (December 19th, 2013)
– added reply-to mail feature, while receiving emails form Contact Form.;
– added keyboard navigation (left/right arrows) for Sly gallery;
– fixed tags and categories for Galleries;
– fixed cursor for IE11, in Folio gallery;
– scroll disabled for Sly gallery, due to multiple technical issues. Navigation methods right now: drag, left/right buttons, arrow keyboard keys, scrollbar, left/right side image click;

version 2.1 (November 25th, 2013)
– fixed thumbnails hover animation disabling while using AJAX pagination;
– fixed retina logo (attachment id);
– fixed image pagination when gallery contain long images;
– added lazy load for sly gallery (post format gallery);
– added full SEO Yoast compatibility;
– fixed paginations for rich templates;
– added drag functionality for the sly gallery type;
– moved content for mosaic single gallery above the images;

version 2.0 (November 8th, 2013)

– UPDATED the username change on Themeforest;
– ADDED featured image for pages;
– ADDED Revolution Slider plugin to theme’s archive;

version 1.9 (November 1st, 2013)
– fixed upload image buttons for banners;
– fixed slider for posts type Gallery when “cropped image” was enabled;
– updated the username on ThemeForest;
– fixed error 500 while installing the theme, for some hosts;
– instagram widget was styled;
– fixed the featured image mask on single posts, when “image crop” is checked.

version 1.8 (October 20, 2013)
– a new uploader added due to some client issues with the old one;

version 1.7 (October 4, 2013)
– we have disabled recommendation for Envato toolkit;

version 1.6 (September 12, 2013)
– fixed JS cookie 404 Error for some host providers;
– added option to enable/disable the mask effect for featured image on dingle post;
– added image caption as alt attribute in a few places where it was missing;
– show likes on single post page independent of meta settings;
– fixed bug from archive page;
– pagination fixes;
– fixed Likes on PHP 3.5 errors;
– fixed tabbing for quick contact form;
– fixed featured image on post format Gallery, to not be included in slide;
– fixed responsive and title problem after adding an FB image.

version 1.5 (August 21, 2013)
– fixed Text logo font-family;
– fixed issue with number of posts for testimonials;
– fixed bug related to single post format gallery (sly is not defined);
– fixed no image path in some widgets;
– fixed like resetting for galleries;
– fixed some compatibility issues with versions older than 1.1 for galleries;

version 1.4 (August 2, 2013)
– added WP 3.6 compatibility;
– fixed toggle bug;
– fixed slide button position in sly galleries;
– removed double content for password protected posts;
– added option to change the color for the menu arrows, widgets arrows, Sly gallery scroll bar and heart.

version 1.3 (July 19, 2013)
– added text align and vertical align for footer elements
– fixed gallery on front page
– added option to hide gallery sidebar for each gallery
– added option for user to upload it’s own fb open graph image

version 1.2 (July 9, 2013)
– added gallery type option for each post
– added image flow slider for galleries
– fixed child theming

version 1.1 (July 5, 2013)
– changes to password protected galleries
– made the icon that allows to close the header on mobile devices to be noticed by the users
– improved gallery management, now you can see all attached images, sort and delete them much easier

version 1.0 (June 27, 2013)
– fixed list of testimonials and banners issue in template builder
– fixed gallery issue for the case when last image has small height
– added plugin recommendations notifications and recommended Envato toolkit plugin
– added option to select multiple gallery
– changed farbtastic color picker
– fixed warning related to twitter widget
– fixed bug that didn’t allow to show gallery for portfolio if feat img was not set
– added Woocommerce support
– WP 3.6 fixes

version 0.9 (June 19, 2013)
– fixed gallery issues when images are smaller than the gallery container
– updated twitter widget to be compatible with API 1.1
– fix for password protected post with post format gallery

version 0.8 (May 31, 2013)
– fixed some jQuery Migrate deprecated functions
– added retina logo option
– fixed headings typography
– added caption to pretty photo images from gallery
– testimonials were not showing content properly when assigned to a page
– created button for bulk update posts layout settings
– use taxonomy ID instead of slug to avoid problems when using ‘exotic’ names for taxonomies

version 0.7 (May 2, 2013)
– fixed gallery bug for IE
– added option to disable hover effect

version 0.6 (April 27, 2013)
– used aqua resize to optimize the size of the used images
– fixed accordion shortcode
– removed chrome frame js
– load custom css after style.css

version 0.5 (April 24, 2013)
– changed IDs for additional templates
– added ‘author’ meta box for gallery custom post
– fixed some bugs related to galleries w/o posts
– fixed gallery on orientation change
– lazy loading for the gallery
– fixed image and height for Firefox

version 0.4 (April 17, 2013)
– changed some options for the default gallery template’s footer row
– changes for the media button related gallery posts
– display the label for text/shortcode element
– fixed bug related to gallery categories element
– added option to change the gallery speed

version 0.3 (April 15, 2013)
– fixed problem with featured image mask for safari
– made possible to attach a template that has a gallery to a page
– implemented posibility to show a gallery on front page
– fixed issue related to selected event

version 0.2 (April 5, 2013)
– added option to hide gallery info
– fixed bug related to footer widgets
– fixed opacity for gallery
– padding-bottom for full list


Education WordPress Theme | Education WP


Education WordPress Theme – Education WP is made for educational web, LMS, Training Center, Courses Hub, College, Academy, University, School, Kindergarten.

Education WP 3.0 newly released: Seamless lesson design, LearnPress 2.0, new Ivy League Demos, Visual Composer, faster, stable, scalable, more light weight. See changelog.

Complete Education WordPress Theme

Based on our experience of building LMS with our previous theme eLearning WP – Education WP is the next generation and one of the best education WordPress themes around, containing all the strength of eLearning WP but with a better UI/UX. This WordPress educational theme has been developed based on the #1 LMS plugin on the official WordPress Plugins directory LearnPress (also developed by ThimPress). Education WP theme offers you the best LMS experience ever, with a super friendly UX and complete eLearning features.

10+ Education pre-built demos +
#1 Official WordPress LMS +
Save $582+ +
Visual Composer & SiteOrigin Drag n Drop Page Builder +
Data Portability +
Really Pixel Perfection +
UX optimized for Education purpose +
Easy for branding +
Events Management w/ Booking +
Ultra SEO Optimization +
Highly Performance Optimization +
Multilingual Ready +
Professional Mega Menu +
Mobile-Friendly +
WooCommerce Support +
bbPress Support +
BuddyPress Support +
Frequently Updated +
5 STAR Customer Service +
More at a Glance.

What else could you need from your awesome WordPress based LMS?

Believe in me I was looking for Education theme I saw many of them but this is the best. – Eraroma

Thank you 5K+ Sales - 1 year birthday
Best Education WordPress theme
Education WordPress theme - Trusted by 12K customers
Education WordPress theme - Premium demos included
Education WordPress theme - Demo 1Education WordPress theme - Demo 3Education WordPress theme - Demo 2Education WordPress theme - Demo university 1Education WordPress theme - Demo University 2Education WordPress theme - Demo one courseEducation WordPress theme - Demo one instructorEducation WordPress theme - Demo Languages schoolEducation WordPress theme - Demo course hubEducation WordPress theme - Demo kindergartenEducation WordPress theme - New Demo University 1Education WordPress theme - Demo New University 2

Education WordPress theme - see all demos
Education WordPress theme - Using LMS plugin LearnPress
Education WordPress theme - 1 click demo importer
Education WordPress theme - Drag and drop page builder
Education WordPress theme - Fancy events
Education WordPress theme - Woocommerce support
Education WordPress theme - 5 stars customers review

10+ Education Demos plus 1 click Demo Importer

With 10+ different and unique demo homepages, this education WordPress theme gives you options to build your own, one-off site. More demos will be coming soon, for every educational purposes, including: Courses Learning Hub, Training Center, Languages School, University, College, School, Kindergarten …

Demo accounts (Username/Password):
• Learner: learner/learner
• Instructor: instructor/instructor

Education WordPress theme - Our demos


Education WP theme comes with the amazing Demo Importer. This beautiful feature will do the theme installation job for you (worth $50 on Envato Studio) straight out of the box. Just go to Tools > Demo Importer, and off you go!

Free Demo Install Education WordPress Theme

Built with #1 WP LMS Plugin – LearnPress

LearnPress 2.0 - More Powerful, Flexible, and Magical

Other themes use the built-in LMS feature, right inside the theme, for their WordPress based Education website. Education WP theme uses LearnPress, the #1 WP LMS plugin on – the official WordPress Plugins Directory, which offers you a whole lot of benefits, such as: easy to update, independent from the theme, easy to change theme or update in future. You will be able to make Udemy, Coursera or Edx education websites in minutes.

Using Education WP, you will own a pack of LearnPress premium add-ons, worth around $439+. This LearnPress Bundle is a part of the theme and it will help you with managing your education system:

  • Sorting Choice Question Type.
  • Content Drip.
  • myCRED Integration.
  • Random Quiz.
  • Co-instructors.
  • Paid Membership Pro Integration.
  • bbPress Forum Integration.
  • BuddyPress Integration.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Stripe Integration.
  • Authorize.Net Integration.
  • 2Checkout Integration.
  • Certificate.
  • Collections.
  • Gradebook.

(Click here to claim your bonus add-ons bundle after you have bought Eduma)

(This is not a bonus, gift, rebate or an additional freebie as it is included in the theme as part of the theme, just like Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Font-Awesome, Isotope Commercial license , etc.
But since it’s large and many of its add-ons may not be necessary to some, it is given this way so you can choose which one to install on your own.)

A little afraid of a heavy Learning Management System? LearnPress will put your mind at ease. You can enable / disable any LearnPress add-on at any time. It’s not smart to let your web server carry the extra weight of features that you will never use. The faster website speed, the better your Google ranking.

With the upcoming stable version 1.0 being updated to LearnPress, Education WP is absolutely the most flexible WordPress education theme ever. Here are some features you might be interested in:

  • Professional AJAX search box to search courses or blog posts in seconds.
  • Super easy Drag & Drop Curriculum Manager: courses, curriculum, section, lesson or quiz can be easily built from just one screen.
  • Many quiz question types supported: multiple choice, true or false, short answer, paragraph, image choice, etc.
  • Multiple payment choices including PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, Offline and integration with WooCommerce.
  • Courses front-end editor.
  • Distraction free mode.
  • Quiz timing built-in.
  • Course reviews supported.

» Drag & Drop Course Builder

Specially designed as a WordPress site for school / university, or for a course / learning / training education site, Education WP is an optimized solution to save time. With the Drag & Drop curriculum, courses couldn’t be easier and more simple to build, and the theme is also highly developed as a perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution.

Education WordPress theme

With the Drag & Drop interface, creating online courses is as easy as A, B, C! Shortcuts are also implemented, to make the instructor’s life effortless when building new lessons, new quizzes or questions.

» Selling courses directly through PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout or Offline payment

This education WordPress theme uses the LearnPress plugin, which not only supports WooCommerce but also includes 4 other payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and If you’d rather not make your web server support a whole e-Commerce system with WooCommerce, there are 5 payment gateways available for selling courses: PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and Offline payment.

Update: In August 2016, we added two more premium LearnPress payment plugins for free: 2Checkout add-on for LearnPress, Authorize.Net add-ons for LearnPress. These will give you a variety of pricing option for your website, make it easier for your learners to register and to pay.

» Selling courses Subscription / Membership with Paid Membership Pro integration

Take all advantages of the membership plugin: Paid Membership Pro to easily sell membership on your education website with Paid Membership Pro add-on, worth $30 on ThimPress website.

Paid Membership Pro selling courses membership

» Easily manage the commission rate for each course

One of the newest updates of LearnPress’s Premium Add-on Bundle is the commission add-on for LearnPress.
It acts as a commission rate management system that allows you to decide how much can author, lecturer earn for every course purchase.
This way, the online course website for your school, your university or your educational center is one step closer to being professional E-learning websites like Udemy, Lynda or Coursera.

» Selling courses with or without WooCommerce

If a complete eCommerce system, using WooCommerce, is not a problem for your web server, Education WP with WooCommerce can customize the purchase process for you, so that it’s easy to manage customer course purchases.

» Course discussion with bbPress

Provide a discussion forum for each course, between instructor/teacher and enrolled learner/student. Now, learning can be fun and games, rather than a grueling mission.

bbPress forum discussion for Education WordPress Website

» Building a Learning Community with BuddyPress

If you want to create a social education website, with a vibrant learning community, then Education WP is ready to go, with all the advantages of BuddyPress.

Drag & Drop Page Builder – Easily Create Professional Pages with no Coding Knowledge

SiteOrigin Page Builder and WPBakery Visual Composer are the best page builder out there, trusted by million of websites, with the amazing features of letting you build your website in minutes.

In the past, Education WP uses the most popular, lightweight and powerful Drag & Drop page builder on the official WordPress plugins directory – SiteOrigin Page Builder.
This is due to the technical heavy load of Visual Composer plugin at the time, and because we want your website to be as fast and lightweight as possible.

Recently, thanks to the relentless work of the people in the team, we now successfully both integrate Visual Composer page builder with the theme, and reduce improve site’s speed at the same time.

Having both SiteOrigin Page Builder and WPBakery Visual Composer work perfectly with the theme is a big improvement because you will be more flexible when creating your web pages according to your imagination.
The theme now not only loads fast, but also works very flexible  :)

Everyone knows that Google loves a fast loading website!

Drag and Drop Education WordPress theme

You Save $582

  • LearnPress premium add-ons ($439): all the premium add-ons for LearnPress to empower this #1 WordPress LMS plugin. Due to the large file size, these premium add-ons will be sent to the customer per request.
  • Visual Composer ($59): ultimate plugin for building every WordPress site without coding. The only WP Page Builder that powers 1+ million sites.
  • Slider Revolution ($19): create beautiful sliders and contents with Slider Revolution. The #1 premium slider WordPress plugin – slider is integrated seamlessly into Education WP to display contents of any kind, with high customization, animation, effects and best quality. A $19 saving is not bad at all!
  • Isotope Commercial license ($25): a fancy filter and sort magical layouts jQuery library. It’s free to use in a non-ecommerce website, but if you are going to sell courses, you usually have to pay $25 for the license. We bring this beautiful piece to you for free.

Data Portability is a MUST

As a web agent, we know that people won’t use the same theme forever – sometimes you want/need to update your theme, or change to the latest trending design. But such changes can mean that you lose your precious data. Education WP uses LearnPress – a popular LMS WordPress plugin on – so your data will be there when you move to another theme in the next decade ;)

Not every theme on ThemeForest cares about your data, but WE DO!

Pixel Perfect Education WordPress Theme

SAY NO to outdated, ugly design and sloppy themes (unless you don’t want a professional education website). Every pixel on our educational WordPress theme has been developed with pixel perfection in mind. Just look at the live demos to see for yourself how detailed, elaborate and truly pixel perfect it is.

UI/UX Optimized for an Education Environment

Save users time with Smart AJAX Search for Courses: help your learners find the courses they are looking for, in no time.

Smart Sticky Sidebar: ensure the permanent appearance of the sidebar, in case the main content is too long. Your education site will look more beautiful, and be easier to navigate.

Attract more learners with Sticky Course Enroll Toolbar: the sticky course enroll toolbar is always there to catch the attention of learners and motivate them to participate in more courses.

Bottom Call to Action for better conversion: look at the bottom of each Education WP demo – a stunning Call to Action has been implemented, to increase your chances of turning a visitor into a learner.

Branding your Education Website without Coding Knowledge

Education WP theme for Learning Management Systems and education contains an easy and visual customization, so you don’t have to worry about coding but can spend your precious time on the eLearning content.

Changing colors to match your brand: this education WordPress theme comes with unlimited colors. You will have thousands of way to change the appearance, according to your preference and your brand.

Select from 700+ fonts: 700+ fonts are available for you to choose from. Pick up any from the Google Fonts library to suit your own style.

Logo on pages pre-loading: we’ve created this feature for a better UI – page loading in Education WP will never be boring for users. You are free to change the logos as you wish.

Fancy Events

The helpful events plugin is ready to use, with an attractive countdown to events.

Event management: events are separated into Expired, Ongoing and Upcoming events, for full control and to make sure your users never miss out.

Selling Event Tickets: Selling Event Tickets: allows people to buy tickets and participate in your events via the built-in online ticket booking form. The form even provides insights into how many slots are taken for each event and how many slots are available to ease the booking process.

Create eCommerce site with WooCommerce

In case you want a shop feature for selling products, such as books and learning materials, Education WP is ready for you. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Education WordPress Theme with WooCommerce support

Fully Multilingual Education Site & RTL Support

It is really easy to bring your education and LMS site to a global market because Education WP theme fully supports multi languages with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate. More than that, the theme also supports Right-To-Left (RTL), in order to handle and respond to users who communicate with a right-to-left language.

Amazing Mega Menu

Education WP uses Mega Menu to offer an amazing navigation experience for users, because this menu can display many different options at a time. Icons, pictures and typographical hierarchy can be used to make scanning easier. It also allows for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping.

Mobile-Friendly WordPress Education Theme

This education WordPress theme is made with full mobile support, which means your site will not only display perfectly on the web but also on mobile. With a responsive design and retina ready display, your site will look awesome on any device. Users can take courses on the web and on their mobile devices as well. This function is sure to bring you more traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Education WordPress Theme

Ultimate SEO Optimization

Using Education WP is a great way to get your education website ranked significantly higher on search engines. All titles, headings and meta tags have been carefully optimized, just the way that Google likes it. Structured Data is implemented deeply, to make your site look appealing in Google search results. We have not only coded for blog posts, but for WooCommerce products and LearnPress courses too.

Structured Data for SEO

Faster Loading for Better Google Ranking

Your education business means nothing without traffic. From day one, we have been continually optimizing every bit of the code to make sure it has fewer requests, fewer database queries, less CSS & JS and loads faster. With new version, our highest priority is to find ways to make it better.

Fast Education WordPress Theme

It’s not a joking advertising. Let’s see the how fast Education WP is in action Education WP Speed Test on Pingdom Tools, it takes less than 0.5 second to load a whole education WordPress website.

5 STAR Customer Service

Having been established since 2007, we understand that customer service is the key to success for online business. You will be making a smart decision to go with Education WP theme for your educational website, and you won’t be disappointed with our customer service – GUARANTEED!

Education WP Theme at a Glance

  • LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin by ThimPress on
  • Brilliant LMS Courses Management with Units/Sections, Lessons, Quizzes – link to YouTube video how to create a course.
  • LMS Course Collection – combine particular courses into collections.
  • LMS Course Review/Rating.
  • Free Course, publicly accessible course support.
  • Lesson Management with powerful WordPress Core Editor improved to support: video, attachments in any type of media
  • Quiz Management with multiple Question Types.
  • PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Offline Payment Methods integrated. PayPal allows payment by credit cards or PayPal balance, Stripe allows payment by credit card, and Offline payment convenient for receiving payments through offline methods. More on the way!
  • WooCommerce support as a shop solution and/or selling courses over WooCommerce.
  • Paid Membership Pro support.
  • Easily manage the commission rate for each course
  • Co-instructors – multiple instructor support for each course.
  • bbPress support – for private course discussion between instructors.
  • BuddyPress support.
  • Student Profile.
  • Instructor Profile.
  • Student Certificate on course completion.
  • Under Construction / Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode feature: Secure your education content with Maintenance Mode. We know that building a LMS site requires a lot of time, so we have integrated a built-in Under Construction / Maintenance Mode. This allows you to build and customize the site online, without worrying about information being leaked.
  • Amazing and lightweight Drag & Drop Page Builder.
  • Contact Form 7 ready: The layout of this form is customized to match the design of this Education WordPress Theme.
  • MailChimp for WordPress: A sign-up method your LMS WordPress theme site.
  • Highly Performance Optimized: Your site will load before your customers lose interest.
  • Highly SEO Optimized with Microdata: Perfect on-page SEO optimization for courses, blog posts, blog archives, WooCommerce products, WooCommerce archives, bbPress forum topics, BuddyPress activities. Google loves it.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Your LMS WordPress site with Education WP is mobile-friendly.
  • Post formats: Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote and Video.
  • Built on latest Bootstrap 3 & Font-Awesome 2: making front-end of Education WP faster and easier. Size, color, drop shadow – anything is possible with the power of CSS.
  • Style has written by LESS CSS and compiled in WordPress Customizer, making this education theme loads faster.
  • Useful right drawer which is extremely helpful to use with login or any kind of widgets.
  • Flexible Shopping Cart widget to put in top toolbar or right in the top menu.
  • Drag & drop layout manager: Allows you to create custom layouts for your content. Configure every element: logo, header, slide show, page content, sidebars, footer and more without touching the code. Assign custom layouts to any page or post.
  • Sidebar generator: Generate as many sidebars as you need for Education WP.
  • Unlimited footers: Plenty of footers are waiting in our education theme for WordPress for your selection.
  • Unlimited layouts for your front page, post, page, login page, and even Custom Post Type.
  • Unlimited color schemes: You can select any color and decorate your education WordPress site to every corners.
  • Unlimited layouts and templates.
  • Self-hosted HTML5 video player.
  • Custom audio player.
  • Google Fonts support (600+).
  • RTL support to make this WordPress Theme for Education work perfectly with Arabic, Hebrew, … languages.
  • Retina ready: Education WP will look great on any devices.
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo file support): support Education WP to be translated into multiple languages.
  • WPML ready, for your multilingual education WordPress website.
  • One click DEMO data importer: Get your Education WordPress Theme installed at the click of a button.
  • Amazing Mega Menu.
  • Education WP child-theme includes.
  • And so much more!

Frequently Updated Education WordPress Theme

See our Roadmap and Changelog for Education WP as well as our LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin to see how active we are in developements and improvements. You don’t want to use outdated themes, plugins with a careless design, performance or code quality. We never stop improving our products and services.


  • More demo for Kindergarten (DONE on v2.4.0), Internal Training Center, Primary School, High School, Onepage.
  • Add Coupon add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Tax add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Affiliate add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Paid Membership Pro add-on for LearnPress (DONE on v2.3.1).
  • Add Commission add-on for LearnPress (DONE).
  • Add MemberMouse add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Filtering for Courses by category, free/paid courses, course price range, course level, …
  • Add Front-end Course Editor add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Advanced Statistics add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Tin Can API add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add SCORM add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Adobe Captivate add-on for LearnPress.


Education WP – 2017-04-18

+ Added color option for portfolios.
+ Updated Eduma child themes.
+ Updated LearnPress add-ons package.
+ Improved styles.
+ Fixed some minor bugs with LearnPress.

Education WP 3.0.6 – 2017-04-13

+ Prepared for LearnPress version 2.1.6.
+ Prepared for ThimCore version 1.1.0.
+ Updated WooCommerce integration add-ons (with LearnPress and Events).
+ Updated to latest version 5.1.1 of Visual Composer plugin.
+ Updated Kindergarten Child Theme.

Education WP 3.0.5 – 2017-04-11

+ Updated WooCommerce (version 3.0.1) outdated templates.
+ Add Display Settings box for each course.
+ Fixed an issue with course wishlist button.

Education WP 3.0.4 – 2017-04-05

+ Improved updating process (from Eduma 2.x to Eduma 3.x).
+ Updated ThimCore version 1.0.4.
+ Fixed some customize options (Blog Title, Social Sharing).

Education WP 3.0.3 – 2017-03-30

+ Improved installing Eduma child-themes process.
+ Improved updating process.
+ Added notice to remove Thim Framework plugin.
+ Updated ThimCore version 1.0.3.

Education WP 3.0.2 – 2017-03-28

+ Added installation add-ons interface.
+ Improved updating process.
+ Improved adding custom background image for categories.
+ Fixed some customize settings (Copyright Text and Custom CSS).

Education WP 3.0.1 – 2017-03-24

+ Fixed missing style on child theme.

Education WP 3.0.0 – 2017-03-24

+ Added Thim Core plugin(new customizer, new post meta, new demo importer...).
+ Optimized performance.
+ Added Persian translation package for the theme.
+ Added media intro for courses.
+ Updated icons for widgets and shortcodes.
+ Updated LearnPress (version 2.1.5) outdated templates.
+ Updated to latest version 5.4.1 of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Updated to latest version 5.1 of Visual Composer plugin.
+ Updated Kindergarten Child Theme.
+ Improved style.
+ Fixed some minor bugs.

Education WP 2.8.6 – 2017-02-24

+ Updated TP Events 2.0.
+ Updated Kindergarten Child Theme.
+ Updated LearnPress premium add-ons.
+ Updated Tax Meta Class library.
+ Updated LearnPress (version 2.1.4) outdated templates.
+ Added TP Events - WooCommerce Payments add-on.
+ Added Mexican Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese translation packages for the theme.
+ Improved styles (shop, LP profile...).

Education WP 2.8.5 – 2017-02-10

+ Optimized database queries.
+ Fixed HTTP header conflict.
+ Fixed an issue with Cookies (login with an incognito browser).
+ Updated Memberships add-on (improve membership duration process).

Education WP 2.8.4 – 2017-02-08

+ Added Bulgarian translation package for the theme.
+ Added LearnPress Students List add-on.
+ Updated LearnPress WooCommerce Payments add-on (solved an issue with caches).
+ Updated LearnPress Paid Memberships Pro add-on (solved an issue with course enrollment).
+ Added Year option for Thim Events widget.
+ Fixed autoplay option in Thim Testimonials VC shortcode.
+ Improved Become A Teacher form.
+ Improved styles.

Education WP – 2017-01-25

+ Fixed an issue with PHP 5.3 or lower.

Education WP 2.8.3 – 2017-01-24

+ Updated WooCommerce Payments add-on.
+ Updated Certificates add-on.
+ Updated Memberships add-on.
+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Added grid/list view for blog.
+ Fixed Search Products widget.
+ Improved style (protected posts, courses page, search courses template).
+ Supported Testimonials archive page.
+ Supported Our Team archive page.

Education WP 2.8.2 – 2017-01-11

+ Added option to remove LearnPress ads.
+ Updated WooCommerce Payments Add-on.
+ Updated LearnPress profile.
+ Improved styles.

Education WP 2.8.1 – 2017-01-04

+ Improved shop, search page, team members grid.
+ Updated LearnPress (version 2.1.0) outdated templates.
+ Updated DEMO for University (v3 - Visual Composer).
+ Fixed some minor bugs.

Education WP 2.8.0 – 2016-12-21

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for University (v4 - SiteOrigin).
+ Improved updater from Visual Composer (from version 5.0).
+ Updated LearnPress (version outdated templates.
+ Updated LearnPress - Certificates add-on.
+ Updated LearnPress - WooCommerce Payments add-on.
+ Supported LearnPress - Coming Soon Courses add-on.

Education WP 2.7.6 – 2016-12-09

+ Improved Take Course process.
+ Fixed some minor bugs.
+ Updated LearnPress (version outdated templates.
+ Updated to latest version 5.3.1 of Slider Revolution plugin.

Education WP 2.7.5 – 2016-12-02

+ Added a new memberships template.
+ Fixed missing completed labels in course page.
+ Updated Visual Composer demo data.
+ Updated Thim Framework plugin - updated FontAwesome 4.7.0.
+ Updated LearnPress outdated templates.

Education WP 2.7.4 – 2016-11-29

+ Fixed bug logged in redirect to 404 page.

Education WP 2.7.3 – 2016-11-29

+ Improved course templates.
+ Improved RTL style.
+ Updated to latest version 5.0.1 of Visual Composer plugin.

Education WP 2.7.2 – 2016-11-22

+ Fixed a touch issue on Safari.
+ Updated responsive style for course templates.

Education WP 2.7.1 – 2016-11-21

+ Fixed a PHP script.

Education WP 2.7.0 – 2016-11-21

+ Added new lessons pop-up style.
+ Supported slider, PDF, Powerpoint... for lessons.
+ Improved course templates, Kindergarten demo, responsive style, RTL.
+ Fixed some minor bugs with Courses widget.

Education WP 2.6.2 – 2016-11-15

+ Added a new loading style.
+ Fixed an issue with Finish Course button.
+ Updated LearnPress Certificates add-on.
+ Improved RTL style.
+ Improved Ivy League Demo.

Education WP 2.6.1 – 2016-11-13

+ Resubmitted Visual Composer package (version 5.0).
+ Fixed a warning message in LearnPress profile.

Education WP 2.6.0 – 2016-11-11

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for University (v3 - SiteOrigin).
+ Improved Kindergarten Child Theme.
+ Updated to latest version 5.0 of Visual Composer plugin.
+ Updated event participants section.

Education WP 2.5.6 – 2016-11-08

+ Improved course meta.
+ Improved instructor meta.
+ Updated some other premium add-ons for LearnPress 2.x.

Education WP 2.5.5 – 2016-11-03

+ Fixed an issue with bbPress forums.
+ Updated premium add-ons for LearnPress 2.0.

Education WP 2.5.4 – 2016-11-02

+ Supported LearnPress 2.0.
+ Improved RTL styles.
+ Updated demo data.
+ Automatically saved Customize after theme updated.

Education WP 2.5.3 – 2016-10-27

+ Used new pre-loader icon :)
+ Fixed Visual Composer backend editor.
+ Continued preparing for new LearnPress 2.0.
+ Improved style.
+ Improved Eduma child themes.

Education WP 2.5.2 – 2016-10-10

+ Fixed a warning bug and some other minor bugs.
+ Fixed wrong styles in WooCommerce page.
+ Improved style RTL (thank quintessamedia-Daniel for his feedback).

Education WP 2.5.1 – 2016-10-04

+ Prepared for new LearnPress 2.0.
+ Added Popup Login (optional) in course page.
+ Added login/register links (optional) on the mobile menu.
+ Improved styles (single course page, RTL, blog page).

Education WP 2.5.0 – 2016-09-23

+ Supported Visual Composer page builder :)
+ Fixed some minor bugs.
+ Improved styles.

Education WP 2.4.6 – 2016-09-14

+ Added Link option for Testimonials widget (Thanks KayZ).
+ Improved WooCommerce My Account page's style.
+ Improved Kindergarten Child Theme.
+ Improved styles of all default WordPress widgets.
+ Improved comments box's style.
+ Updated Font Awesome and Stroke Icons 7.
+ Updated Membership Levels page.
+ Fixed register issue on WooCommerce Checkout page.

Education WP 2.4.5 – 2016-08-22

+ Added color option for buttons.
+ Improved styles.
+ Updated demo data (removed unused content).
+ Support WooCommerce 2.6.x.

Education WP 2.4.4 – 2016-08-18

+ Added redirect option for registration form.
+ Added target option for links in Icon Box widget.
+ Added styles for default membership levels page.
+ Improved login popup on small devices.
+ Improved LearnPress styles (checkout page, quiz results page).
+ Fixed login pop-up issue in checkout page.

Education WP 2.4.3 – 2016-08-03

+ Add password fields for the registration form.
+ Added login pop-up for LP checkout page.
+ Improved the lessons navigation.
+ Turned off Paid Membership Pro login redirect.
+ Updated RTL style.
+ Updated Boxed style.

Education WP 2.4.2 – 2016-07-15

+ Added Pre-loader image option for Customize.
+ Added Custom JS option for Customize.
+ Added Youtube option for Thim Video widget.
+ Improved Thim widgets style.
+ Fixed issue: can not import events status.
+ Turned off Paid Membership Pro register redirect.
+ Updated demo data.

Education WP 2.4.1 – 2016-07-06

+ Added metabox settings for courses, events, portfolios.
+ Added option enable/disable Smooth Scroll feature.
+ Improved Certificate button style.
+ Improved My Account page style.
+ Improved Mini Cart widget.
+ Improved Portfolio widget.
+ Improved course categories style.
+ Updated Google Map.
+ Updated to latest version 5.2.6 of Slider Revolution plugin.

Education WP 2.4.0 – 2016-06-20

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for Kindergarten (child theme).
+ Added Timetable widget.
+ Improved sub-menu style.
+ Improved LearnPress style.
+ Updated LearnPress WooCommerce Payments add-on.
+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Fixed outdated WooCommerce templates.

Education WP 2.3.2 – 2016-06-06

+ Updated demo data.
+ Improved child theme functions.
+ Improved mega-menu style.
+ Fixed a conflict with All-in-One Event Calendar plugin.

Education WP 2.3.1 – 2016-06-02

+ Added Login Popup widget.
+ Improved members section in a single our team page.
+ Improved mobile menu in RTL.
+ Updated top header area in a single event page.
+ Updated Tab Event widget.
+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Updated tgmpa library to version 2.6.1.

Education WP 2.3.0 – 2016-05-30

+ Integrated with Paid Membership Pro plugin.
+ Supported courses membership features.
+ Added link target option for menu items.

Education WP 2.2.3 – 2016-05-25

+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Updated Events plugin - improved events registration.
+ Updated Portfolio plugin - fixed adding images issue.
+ Updated Thim Framework plugin - improve saving Customize.
+ Updated LearnPress Co-Instructors plugin - fixed some minor bugs.
+ Improved portfolio widget.
+ Improved quiz result page.
+ Added Customize options for events.

Education WP 2.2.2 – 2016-05-13

+ Improved sidebar shop style.
+ Improved top header image.
+ Updated Thim Events installation package.
+ Fixed some warnings in LearnPress profile.

Education WP 2.2.1 – 2016-05-09

+ Improved registration form process.
+ Improved events order.
+ Improved single course page style.
+ Improved carousel style.
+ Improved cart page responsive.
+ Improved Video widget style.
+ Improved quiz UX.

Education WP 2.2.0 – 2016-04-28

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for Courses Hub.
+ Added Courses Collection widget.
+ Improved auto play option for carousel.
+ Fixed a minor js bug.

Education WP 2.1.0 – 2016-04-21

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for Languages School.
+ Improved Courses widget.
+ Improved Icon Box widget.
+ Improved responsive.
+ Improved gallery popup.
+ Improved events.
+ Updated to latest version 5.2.5 of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Fixed pre-loading on IE 11.

Education WP 2.0.1 • 2016-04-14

+ Improved BuddyPress style.
+ Improved Certificates tab in profile page.
+ Improved LearnPress data migration.
+ Fixed LearnPress profile links.
+ Fixed LearnPress progress bar.
+ Fixed courses info duplication in profile.
+ Fixed a jQuery conflict in WordPress 4.5.

Education WP 2.0.0 • 2016-04-11

+ Upgraded to LearnPress version 1.0.
++ Enhanced performance and capacity to extends more features with new database structure.
++ Enable purchase multiple courses with Cart.
++ Checkout process.
++ Option purchase FREE course without cart and checkout proccess.
++ Option add course to cart using AJAX.
++ Support static pages: Cart, Checkout, Profile, Archive Courses.
++ Custom slug for pages with WordPress Endpoint.
++ Review order after do checkout.
++ Emails system with capacity to overwtire as templates.
++ New UI/UX for admin and frontend.
++ Capacity to compatible with more themes.
++ Custom permalink for course tag, archive courses, single course pages.
++ Custom size of course thumbnail.
++ Ability to add new order manually in admin.
++ Improved add-ons page.
+ Added events registration feature.
+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Improved menu style.
+ Improved site performance.
+ Added Icomoon.

Education WP 1.8.5 • 2016-03-18

+ Updated to latest version 5.2.3 of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Added hover color option for buttons.

Education WP 1.8.4 • 2016-03-14

+ Updated to latest version of Slider Revolution plugin.
+ Improved Courses widget.
+ Improved Our Team widget.

Education WP 1.8.3 • 2016-03-09

+ Added Gallery widget.
+ Fixed invalid key in reset password form.
+ Improved BuddyPress style.
+ Improved PayPal redirect.

Education WP 1.8.2 • 2016-03-03

+ Supported Portfolio plugin.
+ Added option filter Our Team by category.
+ Updated menu issue in archive pages.
+ Fixed social profile issue.
+ Fixed students statistic issue.
+ Improved translation for core plugins.

Education WP 1.8.1 • 2016-02-24

+ Updated style.
+ Fixed conflict with maintenance plugins.
+ Improved Import Customize Settings feature.

Education WP 1.8 • 2016-02-19

+ Added other brand new Pre-built DEMO for University version 2 (with Mega Menu).
+ Added one more header version 2.
+ Added coordinates option for widget Google Map.
+ Added sorting courses option by category for widget Course.
+ Integrated with BuddyPress.
+ Updated events order.
+ Updated style search page, account page.
+ Fixed wrong read-more link in related courses.
+ Fixed counter box issue for events in other languages.
+ Fixed Customizer issue in child theme.

Education WP 1.7 • 2016-02-05

+ Added a brand new Pre-built DEMO for University.
+ Supported Mega Menu.
+ Improved One Click Importing Demo Data feature.
+ Improved theme source code to fully support child-theme modifications.
+ Improved Testimonials templates.
+ Improved Our Team templates.
+ Improved Event translations.
+ Improved LearnPress translations.
+ Improved performance, even better.
+ Improved styles for color, review box, menu in RTL.
+ Added widget Tab Events.
+ Fixed some minor notice bugs from Sorting Choice Questions and Certificates add-ons.

Education WP 1.6 • 2016-01-29

+ Added 2 brand new Pre-built DEMOS for One Course and One Instructor.
+ Improved microdata for course pages, make it even better for SEO.
+ Improved responsive menu in Window phones.
+ Improved logo display.
+ Improved mini-cart display.
+ Improved search form style.
+ Updated latest post slider style.
+ Updated active separator line position in menu.
+ Updated RTL demo.

Education WP 1.5 • 2016-01-23

+ Reduced some scripts from WooCommerce for better performance.
+ Updated to work perfectly on SSL.
+ Updated template files for WooCommerce v2.5.0.
+ Updated sticky sidebar.
+ Improved UI for better pixel perfection.
+ Improved course price display.
+ Added Duration for courses.
+ Improved Parallax effect, work much more smoothly.
+ Improved 404 page.
+ Improved UX for search form.

Education WP 1.4 • 2016-01-19

+ Improved widget footer bottom.
+ Updated style for shop.
+ Updated style for contact form.
+ Improved performance.
+ Improved RTL.
+ Updated DEMO data.
+ Updated ThimPress Events plugin.
+ Updated newest version of Revolution Slider plugin.

Education WP 1.3 • 2016-01-07

+ Improved registration forms.
+ Fixed can not delete events.
+ Updated demo data.

Education WP 1.2 • 2015-12-30

+ Improved sticky logo display (in case big logo image).
+ Improved social login buttons on mobile devices.
+ Fixed a bug in plugin Thim Framework.

Education WP 1.1 • 2015-12-24

+ Updated default language file.
+ Updated demo data.
+ Improved registration form for multi site.
+ Renewed some premium add-on for LearnPress.
+ Fixed outdated WooCommerce templates.
+ Improved some component widget's styles.
+ Improved become an instructor form.

Education WP 1.0 • 2015-12-22

+ The most amazing Education WordPress Theme was born :)

Education WordPress Theme Changelog

An excellent Education WordPress Theme from #1 official WordPress LMS plugin author, so what are you waiting for? 😉 Buy it now – only $64 for a value of $582+$64.



Neighborhood – Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme


WordPress 4.7+ Compatible + WooCommerce 2.6+ Compatible

Latest version – v3.4.40 (2nd February 2017)

Neighborhood v3.0

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Neighborhood is super responsive, retina ready, and built upon the 1170px Twitter Bootstrap framework. Featuring a clean, modern, and superbly slick design, packed with the most powerful Swift Framework which offers limitless possibilities. The incredible Swift Page Builder is at the core of our framework, giving you the control to create sites that do your content justice. We’ve built in some incredible features such as the super search, full WooCommerce support, and so much more. If you’re looking to build any kind of website, then Neighborhood is what you need.

Super Responsive Design. Neighborhood’s layout is fully responsive, from 1170px wide at it’s widest, down to mobile portrait size. It looks absolutely stunning on all displays, including big desktop screens, laptops, iPad/Tablets, iPhones & mobiles. It also is touch optimised for touchscreen devices, and the sliders all incorporate swipe functionality to enable the best user experience for your site.

100% Retina Ready – no plugin needed. Our framework includes a superb image re-sizing script, which allows images to be served at the size they are needed, saving precious bandwidth and load times. Everything from your content, down to the theme’s icons and graphics, all look absolutely stunning on any device.

Limitless Colour Customization. Neighborhood integrates the core WordPress Live Customiser, allowing you to change colours and view the changes on the fly – allowing quick and accurate skinning to match your brand identity. Whether you want to create a dark/light/colourful/clean/minimal site, Neighborhood offers the ability to match any style with ease. Full custom built Colour Scheme System included, allowing you to import/export/save colour schemes and easily swap between them, or transfer them to another site that also uses Neighborhood.

Swift Page Builder V2. The BRAND NEW version of our amazing page builder. Quickly & easily create beautiful pages. Choose any combination of 40 elements to create unique pages that do your content justice. We’ve even included 19 pre-built page templates so that you can use and edit the examples you see on the theme demo, all available in 1 click! You can see the Swift Page Builder in action here – Swift Page Builder Demo

Powerful Meta Options. Our meta options integration provides the flexibility to control the layout of each page/post, setting sidebars, thumbnails, links, and more. You can view the provided meta options here.

2 Sliders Included. The ever popular Revolution Slider $15 value, and our own innovative and stunning Swift Slider, which features CSS3 transitions and charts.

Superior Typography. featuring pro Font Deck support, as well as the option to choose from 600+ Google Web fonts & Web Standard fonts, with options to control the colour, size & line height.

WooCommerce Ready. Full support, right out the box – for v1.6 & v2.0+. You can view an example shop here – Neighborhood Shop Demo.

Wishlist Integration. We’ve built wishlist support right into the theme, if you choose to use it. You can add products to the wishlist via the thumbnail, or via the product page. Then you can access the wishlist through your account, or via the header dropdown. This is completely optional.

Catalog Mode. We’ve included an option to show the shop in catalog mode right into the theme options panel. This hides the cart/checkout process so that you can display your products without actually selling them.

Product Zoom Functionality. We’ve built product image zoom functionality right into the theme, no extra plugins needed. This is optional, and can be turned on/off through the theme options.

WPML Translation Ready. Neighborhood comes with .po/.mo files as standard, and is ready to be translated into any language – or multiple languages, with 100% WPML support. There is also language selector that you can enable in the top bar menu, to allow your visitors to easily swap between languages.

SEO Optimized. Neighborhood’s semantic & valid HTML5 & CSS coding with SEO best-practices taken into account, provide a great platform to achieve super high search engine rankings. You are free to use any SEO plugins that you like, without any conflict.

Incredibly Easy Setup, with Demo Content Provided. Included with the theme is a demo content xml, and theme options file, which allow you to start from a base of the demo install within minutes, and a few simple clicks. All of which is documented, with easy to follow instructions.

Boxed & Fullscreen Layout Options. You can easily choose between a boxed or wide layout within the theme options. If you select the boxed layout, you have the choice of setting a solid colour, preset background, or custom background for the site.

Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour
Neighborhood Tour

Neighborhood Features

  • 100% Fully Responsive design, with option to turn it on/off in the theme options.
  • Retina Ready, crystal clear content, icons & graphics – no plugin required.
  • Built with semantic and valid HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Child Theme Compatible – included with the theme.
  • Features the incredible Swift Page Builder, which offers endless possibilities of content creation and organisation.
  • Extensive meta options which provide incredible customisation options.
  • Uses WordPress Live Color Customizer to make colour changes on the fly, offering unlimited color customization.
  • Custom built Colour Scheme System, which allows you to import/export/save colour schemes and easily swap between them, or transfer them to another site that also uses Neighborhood.
  • Full WooCommerce support (v2.3+)View demo shop.
  • Wishlist Integration.
  • 100% WPML Compatibility.
  • Custom Slide Down Mobile Menu – not standard UI picker!
  • Features touch swipe sliders which are a joy to use on touchscreen devices.
  • Demo Content Included – replicate the demo site in a matter of minutes.
  • Translation/Localization ready – includes .mo & .po files.
  • FULL Colour Customisation – match your branding and style with ease.
  • Fully layered and organised PSD file.
  • Full Typography Options
    • Font Deck support
    • 600+ Google Fonts.
    • 12 Web Standard Fonts.
    • Set each of the above for Body/Headings fonts.
    • Body, H1-H6 font size and line height options.
  • Page Layout Options
    • Boxed layout – and choose between outer background color / 91 preset backgrounds / custom background.
    • Full Width layout – page goes from screen edge to edge.
  • Header Options
    • 8 Different Top Bar configurations, allowing text/shortcodes/menus/super search.
    • 5 Different Header Layouts.
    • Header Opacity/Overlay options.
    • Mini Header.
  • Footer Options
    • Enable/Disable Footer.
    • Layout – 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4.
    • Layout – 1/2 1/4 1/4.
    • Layout – 1/4 1/4 1/2.
    • Layout – 1/2 1/2.
    • Layout – 1/3 1/3 1/3.
    • Layout – 2/3 1/3.
    • Layout – 1/3 2/3.
    • Layout – 1/4 1/2 1/4.
    • Enable/Disable Copyright Text.
  • Layered PSD file included.
  • Helpful, instructive documentation.
  • Up to 10 different asset backgrounds – configurable within the theme options, allowing you to display full width assets with different backgrounds. A stunning way to emphasise important content. Applicable to the following assets:
    • Page Heading.
    • Portfolio/Blog Filtering Slideout.
    • Full-Width Text Page Builder Block – you can add text/images/sliders/shortcodes within here with ease.
    • Portfolio Carousel Page Builder Block.
    • Featured Clients Page Builder Block.
    • Testimonial Slider Page Builder Block.
    • Impact Text Page Builder Block.

    Find out more here.

  • Extensive Theme Options – Offering Incredible Control.
  • Unlimited Portfolio pages.
  • Full Portfolio Options – (unique to each page!)
    • 1/2/3/4 Column Layout.
    • Standard/Gallery Display Type.
    • Show/hide Dynamic Item Filtering.
    • Number of items per page.
    • Portfolio category – allows you to create multiple pages with unique content.
    • Exclude categories – advanced control over what it displayed.
    • Show/hide title text.
    • Show/hide subtitle text.
    • Show/hide excerpt text / set excerpt length.
    • Show/hide pagination.
  • Unlimited Blog pages.
  • Full Blog Options – (unique to each page!)
    • Standard/Mini/Masonry Display Type.
    • Show/hide Dynamic Aux Buttons – View a demo of this.
    • Blog category – allows you to create multiple pages with unique content.
    • Exclude categories – advanced control over what it displayed.
    • Number of items per page.
    • Show/hide title text.
    • Show/hide excerpt text / set excerpt length.
    • Show/hide item details (date/comments/likes).
    • Show/hide pagination.
  • Full Page Meta Options – (unique to each page!)
    • Show/hide page title.
    • Page title line 1 / line 2.
    • Page title aux background
    • Slider Options – configure either the Revolution Slider or Swift Slider to display on any page!
    • Sidebar Options – No sidebars, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Both Sidebars – and set each sidebar from the list.
    • Show/hide breadcrumbs.
    • Remove top/bottom spacing.
    • Add a class to the page.
  • Portfolio Detail Meta Options – (unique to each item!)
    • Full Page Builder Support.
    • Item Subtitle, Client, and External Link.
    • Thumbnail Options – None / Image / Video / Slider.
    • Thumbnail Link Options – Link to item / Link to URL / Lightbox Image / Lightbox Video.
    • Custom Excerpt.
    • Detail Options – Show page title, Page title 1/2, Page Title Background, Hide details, Include Social Sharing.
    • Detail Media Options – Use thumbnail content / Image / Video / Standard Slider / Layer Slider / Custom.
    • Swift Slider – Slide Background Image / Caption Position.
    • Add a class to the page.
  • Blog Post Meta Options – (unique to each post!)
    • Full Page Builder Support.
    • Thumbnail Options – None / Image / Video / Slider.
    • Thumbnail Link Options – Link to item / Link to URL / Lightbox Image / Lightbox Video.
    • Custom Excerpt.
    • Detail Title Options – Show page title, Page title 1/2, Page Title Background.
    • Detail Display Options – Full Width Media Display / Hide item details / Include Author Info / Include Social Sharing / Include Related Articles.
    • Detail Media Options – Use thumbnail content / Image / Video / Standard Slider / Layer Slider / Custom.
    • Sidebar Options – No sidebars, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Both Sidebars – and set each sidebar from the list.
    • Swift Slider – Slide Background Image / Caption Position.
    • Add a class to the page.
  • 40 Page Builder Assets – Add to any page / post / portfolio item.
  • 19 Pre-Built Page Builder Templates – replicate the demo pages in seconds! You can also save & load your own.
  • Shortcode Generator, with 20+ Content Shortcodes.
  • 7 Custom Widgets.
    • Advert Grid Widget – Up to 8 125px x 125px adverts in a grid.
    • Flickr Widget – A grid of your flickr images.
    • In Focus Widget – Display a single post as a featured article.
    • Portfolio Grid – Display a grid of recent projects, with title tooltip.
    • Recent Portfolio – A list of your recent portfolio projects, with thumbnail.
    • Recent Posts – A list of your recent posts, with thumbnail.
    • Twitter Widget – Display a list of tweets from a chosen account.
    • Video Widget – Embed a YouTube/Vimeo/etc video.
  • Live Colour Customiser, preview styling changes on the fly.
    • Accent – Accent Color / Accent Alt Color / Secondary Accent Color / Secondary Accent Alt Color.
    • Page – Page Background Color / Inner Page Background Color / Section Divide Color / Alt Background Color.
    • Header – Top Bar Background Color / Top Bar Text Color / Top Bar Text Hover Color / Top Bar Divider Color / Header Background Gradient Top / Header Background Gradient Bottom.
    • Navigation – Nav Text Color / Nav Text Hover Color / Nav Text Selected Color / Nav Pointer Color / Sub Menu Background Color / Sub Menu Text Color / Sub Menu Text Hover Color / Sub Menu Text Selected Color / Nav Divider Style / Nav Divider Color.
    • Page Heading – Page Heading Background Color / Page Heading Text Color / Breadcrumb Text Color / Breadcrumb Link Color.
    • Body – Body Text Color / Link Text Color / H1 Text Color / H2 Text Color / H3 Text Color / H4 Text Color / H5 Text Color / H6 Text Color / Impact Text Color.
    • Shortcodes – Pricing Table Background Colors / Icon Container Colors / Boxed Content Color
    • Footer – Footer Background Gradient From-To / Footer Text Color / Footer Border Color / Copyright Background Color / Copyright Text Color / Copyright Link Color.


Click here to view the changelog

Example Work Credit

Ionut Zamfir
Kreativa Studio
Bellecour 3D

All Shop Demo content reproduced with kind permission from the good people at Tres Bien –


Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme


Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine Theme

Valenti is a cutting-edge, feature-rich WordPress premium HD (retina-ready) review magazine theme that is fully-responsive. Using the exclusive Valenti Drag & Drop Builder users can have fun creating a unique homepage and easily make modifications to it any time they wish. With Valenti’s powerful and integrated reviews system and widget, you can use Valenti fully as a review theme too. Valenti also comes with a unique megamenu system for beautiful drop down menus and also the ability to set the featured image of a post to have a parallax effect. And of course, Valenti comes with WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress integration for the complete experience. Valenti truly is a premium review WordPress magazine for 2016 and beyond. Blogs, foodies and even newspaper sites will love Valenti!

Valenti brings back the fun in building a website!

Some examples of sites using Valenti

Jonk Music –
Rosanna Davison Nutrition –
Sounds Better With Reverb –
Armenyl –
Wanderlusters –
Drefvet –
Swanky Recipes –

Snatcher (RTL) –
Luxefair –

Valenti wordpress magazine theme for 2015 featuresValenti wordpress magazine theme for 2015 featuresBuy Valenti magazine theme in 2015

More comments from Valenti users

Have bought tons of themes here, and this is by far the easiest (yet most sophisticiated) I’ve ever seen. Was up and running in two minutes, Great work! Cmtusa

Easiest Theme I’ve ever used EVER. Thank you! 2 minutes to set up. THANK YOU!!! soulsis97

I must say that this theme is by far the most easiest theme to work with, extreme fluidity, beautiful and lots of options. I am also so amazed by the outstanding support by the author. 5 Stars! Salute! MyVixion

I bought and installed Valenti over a week ago and the results have been amazing! My page views, time on site and revenue have increased significantly.
The navigation allows the readers to see the older articles which keeps them on the site longer. The organization of the categories is perfect if you have a lot of content. The coding is clean and the back-end is simple to use. On top of all that, the support is great!
I highly recommend Valenti and I couldn’t be more satisfied. CrystalMHL

I would like to say I love this theme, i’ve buy it a few day ago. First is really esay to set up, even for people like me who’s not speaking English very well. The support was fast and really kind. This theme has much possibilities, i continue to discover what he’s offering. And the best of all my friends tell me that doesn’t look anymore like a blog but like a true website. This theme is amazing and well coded. Lorelei66

sidekick integrated into Valenti WordPress Magazine Theme

Valenti Parallax Featured Image Video demodrag and drop builder video

Homepage Features

  • Build your own unique homepage using the exclusive Valenti homepage drag and drop builder (no shortcodes or code required!)
  • 4 different modern grid modules (4, 5 & 6 articles + a variation of the 5 grid) to show featured or latest posts.
  • Full-width slider to show featured or latest posts.
  • Slider to show featured or latest posts above posts loop.
  • Offset Option for posts lists to not have duplicate posts appear on the same page.
  • Custom Background Images or colors
  • Custom general colors (Borders, menu hover colors, review boxes, etc)
  • 4 Blog styles for homepages to show the latest posts:
  • Infinite Scroll Options: All blog styles can use “Normal pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite Scroll with Load More Button”

Review Theme Options:

  • Three different review styles: Stars, Percent or points
  • Option to include a score subtitle to appear in the thumbnails throughout the site
  • Option to include up to three pros and cons with custom titles
  • Option to turn on/off user ratings (user reviews). When a user leaves a rating, a cookie is left on the visitor’s computer with the relevant post ID, to minimize chance of visitors voting multiple times on the same post.

Post Features

  • Full-Width Post Option
  • Post Format: Video (Able to embed YouTube / Vimeo / Kickstarter / Viddler videos) and appearing in a unique overlay of the featured image
  • Fully integrated review / rating system
  • Post Format: Audio (Able to embed Soundcloud) and appearing in a unique overlay of the featured image
  • Upload custom background or background slideshow
  • Change the featured Image style (four different styles) or turn off completely
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Multiple shortcodes available for articles: Dropcaps, buttons, highlight text, toggle (Faqs), alert boxes, columns, video gallery, responsive video, divider and tabs.

WooCommerce Integration

Since v1.4, Valenti is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and allows it to integrate seamlessly with the theme. Some highlights:

  • Full re-design and integration of WooCommerce to match the look and feel of the theme
  • WooCommerce options tab added to theme options with several options, including:
    • WooCommerce global color (similar to category global color)
    • left sidebar/right sidebar/no sidebar (full-width WooCommerce)
    • Background image for WooCommerce pages
    • Background color for WooCommerce pages
  • Unique sidebar for WooCommerce in “Appearance -> Widgets”

BuddyPress Integration

Not only is Valenti completely compatible with BuddyPress, it expands/improves/restyles BuddyPress, to provide a deep fully-integrated experience. Some highlights:

  • Full re-design and integration of BuddyPress to match the look and feel of the theme
  • Login With Ajax modals/widgets integrate seamlessly with BuddyPress, and if BuddyPress is installed, Login With Ajax will show logged in users multiple of their own quicklinks (profile, activity, memberships, messages, subscription, topics started, log out) so users will never need to use or see the WordPress backend.
  • BuddyPress tab added to theme options with several options, including:
    • BuddyPress global color (similar to category global color)
    • left sidebar/right sidebar/no sidebar (full-width BuddyPress)
    • Background image for BuddyPress pages
    • Background color for BuddyPress pages
  • Unique sidebar for BuddyPress in “Appearance -> Widgets”

bbPress Integration

Not only is Valenti completely compatible with bbPress, it expands/improves/restyles bbPress, to provide a deep fully-integrated experience. Some highlights:

  • Full re-design and integration of bbPress to match the look and feel of the theme
  • Login With Ajax modals/widgets integrate seamlessly with bbPress, and if bbPress is installed, Login With Ajax will show logged in users multiple of their own quicklinks (edit profile, logout, subscriptions, favorites, replies, topics started) so users will never need to use or see the WordPress backend.
  • bbPress tab added to theme options with several options, including:
    • bbPress global color (similar to category global color)
    • left sidebar/right sidebar/no sidebar (full-width forums)
    • Background image for bbPress pages
    • Background color for bbPress pages
    • Change the background color of the sticky posts
  • Unique sidebar for bbPress in “Appearance -> Widgets”
  • 2 new Valenti widgets for bbPress

Category Features

  • Show posts in different styles (choice of 4 blog styles)
  • Show a Grid Module (4, 5 or 6 articles), a big slider or a normal sized slider above the latest posts
  • Offset Option for posts lists to not have duplicate posts appear on the same page (grid shows posts #1-#5 and the posts list below shows from post #6 and onwards).
  • Infinite Scroll Options: All blog styles can use “Normal pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite Scroll with Load More Button”
  • Feature specific posts exclusively in the category grid/sliders
  • Upload custom backgrounds
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Set general color for category using a color picker (for menu hovers, review boxes, etc)
  • Option to use a unique sidebar

Page Features

  • Custom Sidebar
  • Featured image can be set to output as “Parallax / Full-background / Full-Width / Standard / Full-background slideshow”
  • Upload custom background
  • Upload multiple custom backgrounds for background slideshow
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Set general color for page using a color picker (for menu hovers, borders, etc)

Page Templates Included

Widgets Included

  • Valenti Social Media Icons Widget
  • Valenti Top Reviews Widget (Can be set to show top X reviews from a category/global + Filter (All time/Last Month/Last 7 days/Only 2011/Only 2012/Only 2013)
  • Valenti Latest Posts With Thumbnails (Big/Small image style) Widget
  • Valenti Facebook Like Box Widget
  • Valenti 125px x 125px ads Widget
  • Valenti Multi-Widget (Show multiple widgets in one)
  • Valenti Google+ Follow Badge Widget
  • Valenti Latest Posts Slider Widget
  • Valenti Recent Comments With Avatar Widget
  • Valenti Popular Posts
  • Valenti Retina Image Widget

Child Theme Compatible

  • Valenti is 100% child-theme compatible and comes with a child-theme already setup for immediate use and customizations.

General Features

  • Clean, ultra modern and dynamic design which is perfect for newspaper, reviews and modern websites
  • Optional separate logo to appear in main navigation bar
  • Option to turn on/off hover zoom effects on sliders/grids
  • Option to turn off By Line completely, or just disable specific parts of the By Line (Author, Date, Category, Comments)
  • Takeover Background Ads (clickable backgrounds) system With 2 Templates included (2x .psd + 2 .png)
  • Retina Ready (HD)
  • Valenti is WPML-Ready, RTL-Ready and comes with .mo/.po files to easily translate into any language. Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Slovak and Norwegian are already
    translated & included.
  • Boxed Or Full-Width site Option
  • Unique mega menu system
  • Login With Ajax Integrated
  • Unique homepage drag and drop builder
  • Integrated “to top” button with option to turn on/off
  • Access to the 600+ fonts from + drop-down menus with recommended fonts (hand-picked for their quality).
  • Option to turn off About The Author box in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off Lightbox in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off “Next/Previous” box in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off “By Line” in admin theme options (“By x on 01/01/2013 in Category” This appears in posts/modules/blog styles).
  • Three custom menu locations (Main, secondary and footer)
  • Secondary menu navigation has drop down capabilities
  • Custom Sidebars for category and pages
  • Extensive documentation with images and videos. Can also be seen online.
  • Integrated related posts with images that can be turned on/off from within the theme options
  • Sample Dummy Content XML file included (Note: does not include images from the demo, all images are replaced with a dummy placeholder image)
  • Schema Review Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Schema Author Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Schema Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Simple and powerful Theme Options framework built-in
  • Very sleek Lightbox integrated
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom footer copyright
  • Custom CSS section (Best practice to avoid losing CSS changes on theme updates)
  • In-built pagination
  • Indented threaded comments
  • Dynamic breaking news in secondaru menu bar which pauses on mouse hover (Can be turned on/off from the theme options and filtered to show specific categories)
  • SEO-Ready – Everything is set as it should be. For example: Only one H1 per page and wrapped around the post title (NOT the logo – which is terrible SEO), images pull the alt text data, relevant Meta schema data, etc
  • Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included (French, Dutch & Spanish already translated and included)
  • Designed with valid HTML5 + CCS3 code
  • Extensively tested with ALL major browsers and versions, including IE8
  • Multiple shortcodes included integrated straight into the TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)
  • Option of 468×60 Banner, 728×90 Banner or no banner at all next to logo

For all theme customizations (i.e. add or change the theme’s code to make it do something it doesn’t do or add specific functionality) you will need to hire a developer to help you out. It is recommended to look for one on as that site is run by the same people who run Themeforest.

Suggestions for future updates?

If you have a suggestion that you think would improve the theme, please leave a comment with the details and it will be considered.

Images Used In Demo

All the images used on the demo website are only for demonstration and licenses to use them were purchased on and the copyrights belong to the creators of the images. Most of the food images are from Scatter Jar – Free Food Photographs, who are lovely people – thanks guys and keep it up the delicious work! None of these images are included with the theme nor are they available to import with the dummy XML file.


I would like to thank the creators of the following excellent plugins that Valenti makes use of:

And the lovely YouTube video embedded in the demo video post is called “Paper Shortfilm” and it was Directed by : Mathieu AUBRY with Music by: Jérémy FLANDRIN with DIRTYSPLEEN. Great video! (url:

Update History

12 April 2017 – Valenti v5.5

ADDED: Compatibility for WooCommerce 3.0 + styling for new features
ADDED: Hebrew translation (Thanks to Orian!)
UPDATED: Deprecated functions
UPDATED: FontAwesome icons (new icons added)
IMPROVED: Valenti Latest post widget no longer outputs default widget title if none set
IMPROVED: Polish Translation (Thanks to Marcin!)
FIXED: Featured image style override full-background option + with global background image issue
FIXED: Issue with category colorpicker 
FIXED: Parallax on pages on tablets
FIXED: Full-width page template option to not output title 

21 June 2016 – Valenti v5.4

- ADDED: Let's Review Plugin API integration (If you use the plugin with Valenti, all modules/megamenus/widgets/etc will automatically show review data coming from plugin)
- ADDED: Support for BuddyPress' Cover feature
- ADDED: Advanced Sticky Sidebars
- ADDED: Rememeber me checkbox in login modal
- ADDED: Date schema set to ISO 8601 (Google needs this)
- ADDED: Instagram social option for authors
- IMPROVED: Author page design + sticky sidebar option
- UPDATED: Sensei integration code
- UPDATED: FontAwesome 
- BUGFIX: Inability to turn off "Show user on template" option inside user profile

21 April 2016 – Valenti v5.3

- IMPROVED: Added time to the dates in the schema markup
- IMPROVED: Smooth scrolling silkyness
- UPDATED: Envato Market script - now the install notice disappears on dismissal and no more errors
- UPDATED: FontAwesome (23 New icons)
- BUGFIX: Adding gallery images stopped working with WordPress 4.5
- BUGFIX: Background issue in posts persisted

15 February 2016 – Valenti v5.2.1

- ADDED: Sidekick tutorials and integration
- UPDATED: Lightbox code for smoother experience
- UPDATED: Schema markup to pass Google's data structure testing tool
- BUGFIX: Wrong authors being shown in popular widget some times
- BUGFIX: Added extra checks to avoid conflict with WordPress' new automatic rel added to embeds
- BUGFIX: Background on normal posts slideshow issue
- BUGFIX: Messages in homepage builder if site doesn't have custom taxonomies

15 January 2016 – Valenti v5.2

- NEW: Option in Valenti homepage builder: Modules can now select posts from custom taxonomies! In "Post Selection" option, you will find the new option. For example, you can now show WooCommerce products, events, etc. in any module. Enjoy! :-)
- NEW: Module in Section D: Custom Code 50% Width
- NEW: Sidebar layout option: No sidebar and narrow centered content area
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Extras: Make Embeds Full-Width in Narrow Sidebar Layout option. Check for live example
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles to set a default blog style option for tags (if you then edit a tag and set a specific blog style there, the tag will use that)
- NEW: Envato Market plugin has now replaced Envato Toolkit Plugin to update Themeforest themes even easier :)
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Homepage to set skin color for blog style (dark/light)
- NEW: Added Russian Translation. Thanks to Sergey :-)
- UPDATED: FontAwesome to v4.5.0 (20 new icons)
- UPDATED: Documentation
- UPDATED: Internal scripts
- IMPROVED: Compatibility with custom taxonomies to show taxonomy title + descriptions on the taxonomy pages
- IMPROVED: Tabs script removed to make use of WordPress' native tabs - Thanks to Ai for the head's up :-)
- IMPROVED: General code cleanup
- IMPROVED: Scrolling smoothness performance
- BUGFIX: Sidebar override in WooCommerce pages when "no sidebar on products" enabled
- BUGFIX: Page background inheritance issues
- BUGFIX: Login with ajax widget in sidebar double form
- BUGFIX: Iframes width on mobile issue
- BUGFIX: Video Post Type on Standard Featured Image Style and title below the image would disappear
- BUGFIX: Sub-categories with no background options set wasn't using parent category options if set
- BUGFIX: Login and search modals weren't appearing correctly when background takeover ad system enabled
- BUGFIX: Global featured image style override uncropped style
- BUGFIX: Search icon on mobile double tap 
- BUGFIX: Parallax featured image when the background takeover ad system was enabled
- BUGFIX: Excerpt in Popular post widget using popular data and Big style 
- BUGFIX: Title in Popular post widget using popular data and Big style 
- BUGFIX: Ajax megamenu wasn't loading custom post types
- BUGFIX: Stars reviews on mobile width issue
- BUGFIX: Category repeat/no-repeat options

13 October 2015 – Valenti v5.1.3

- BUGFIX: Sidebars on mobile
- BUGFIX: Posts not showing category background (if one set and should be shown)
- BUGFIX: Limit of unique sidebars for posts
- BUGFIX: Undefinied variable in very specific setup

05 October 2015 – Valenti v5.1.2

- BUGFIX: Drop shadows issue
- BUGFIX: Custom page/post background issues resolved for good now

25 September 2015 – Valenti v5.1.1

- BUGFIX: Global background on posts with full-width featured image style
- BUGFIX: Full-width theme option for secondary menu alignment

22 September 2015 – Valenti v5.1

- NEW: Blog Style G (B+D combo)
- NEW: Section in Theme Options: Image Thumbnails (To disable/enable all the theme's image thumbnails)
- NEW: Two new "Post Title design" options in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Navigation Menus: To choose position of secondary menu (Under main navigation menu / Above header area)
- NEW: Option to turn off page title inside each page
- NEW: Two new filters to insert content at the start or end of by lines outputs ('cb_byline_start' and 'cb_byline_end')
- READDED: Dropcap shortcode button to toolbar as some users needed it still. However, it is recommended to use the new "dropcap" option since v5 which added an option in Valenti Post Options metabox -> Layout Options tab, it is recommended to use that option to add dropcaps to posts. 
- Updated: Background options for Global Background/BuddyPress Background/WooCommerce Background/bbPress background. If you had a background image set before, you need to set them again with the new version of options.
- IMPROVED: Removed woocommerce.php and now only use hooks to ensure extra compatibility with third party WooCommerce plugins
- IMPROVED: Video post format overlay option on a standard featured image style (Vimeo)
- IMPROVED: Inline Javascript
- IMPROVED: Reduced image thumbnails required by theme
- IMPROVED: General code to fix compatibility with Autoptimize plugin (now works with no special settings needed)
- REMOVED: Favicon option in Theme Options - As WordPress now has a native option for it in the customizer
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce sidebar
- BUGFIX: 1020px size site responsive issues
- BUGFIX: Full-width featured image style on pages
- BUGFIX: Left position sidebar option in posts
- BUGFIX: Takeover background ad system z-index conflict with footer
- BUGFIX: IE8 layout
- BUGFIX: Popular posts widget missing title when using specific settings

20 August 2015 – Valenti v5.0.2

- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Typography to change body font size for mobile
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Typography to change body font size for desktop
- ADDED: Option in Global Featured Image Style Override: Uncropped option.
- BUGFIX: Standard featured image style video post play button location
- BUGFIX: When using the paginated block after Section A or C, the paginated pages would have no white space on the left
- BUGFIX: Blog style not loading styling on latest posts style homepage
- BUGFIX: Pages custom sidebar not appearing in Appearance > Widgets
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce no sidebar layout issue

05 August 2015 – Valenti v5.0.1

- BUGFIX: Hidden secondary menu items sub menus
- BUGFIX: If global featured image style is set, some post titles were using wrong CSS
- BUGFIX: Module G small articles CSS
- BUGFIX: Underlines option for grid/slider titles wasn't applying underline
- BUGFIX: Login with ajax widget in sidebar colors

04 August 2015 – Valenti v5.0

- NEW: Featured Image Style: Uncropped
- NEW: Blog Style E
- NEW: Blog Style F (A+D combo)
- NEW: Theme Options -> Navigation Menu: Sticky option for mobile menu 
- NEW: Theme Options -> Navigation Menu: Mobile Menu Skin (Light/Dark)
- NEW: Theme Options -> Navigation Menu: Logo inside mobile menu 
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Extras: Sticky Sidebars
- NEW: Option for categories: Background image behind title bar
- NEW: Option for categories: Light/dark title option (Useful if you set a dark/light image background to the title to control the contrast)
- NEW: Option for featured image styles: Title Location/Style.
- NEW: Options for sticky menu: "Show when scrolling up and down / Only show when scrolling up / Off" 
- NEW: Optional section for Valenti pagebuilder: Module with Latest Global Posts + Pagination that can be inserted after any of the other sections.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Navigation Menus: Number of posts to show in Breaking News ticker.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Navigation Menus: Breaking News Ticker Source of posts can now be "latest/trending last 24 hours/trending last week". Note: Trending options require JetPack plugin to be installed and the JetPack Stats module enabled.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Extras: Smooth Scroll. Enable Smooth Scrolling (does not load on OS X, as it already has smooth scrolling).
- NEW: Two new options for footer layout: One column Footer and Two column footer
- NEW: Option in Valenti Posts Options for sidebar selection: "Default/Unique sidebar for post/Choose existing sidebar" option on a post-per-post basis.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Extras: To load/not load YouTube API (the API is what allows for videos to autoplay on the click of the play button).
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Extras: Show pages in search results.
- NEW: Tab in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders 
- NEW: Options in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders: New Controls for sliders. You can set the speed of the transitions, whether to autoplay sliders and how many seconds between each autoplay slide.)
- NEW: Options in Theme Options -> Grids & Sliders: Style options to choose between different styles for grids/sliders
- NEW: Tab in Theme Options -> Blog Styles
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles. To "show read more link after excerpt" option for excerpts.
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Blog Styles. What text for the "read more" link after excerpt
- NEW: Option in Theme Options -> Typography: Explicit option to use your own font (so no broken attempts at loading Google Font)
- IMPROVED: Performance (Scrolling, animations, code and a lot more!)
- IMPROVED: Parallax performance by over 40%!
- IMPROVED: Design details
- IMPROVED: Video Post Type: YouTube Videos using the "opens in full-screen lightbox" option will now autoplay and pause when showing/hiding the lightbox
- IMPROVED: Video Post Type: Added X Button next to embed to help visitors know how to hide video again
- IMPROVED: Video Post Type: Video embeds that appear after clicking play on the "Embed limited by featured image size" option is now much bigger 
- IMPROVED: Removed the "Dropcap" shortcode button from toolbar. The shortcode will still work, but to add dropcap to post first letter, you now go to the new "Layouts" tab inside each post's post options and enable the Dropcap option there. This is to make it smoother for you if you ever decide to change themes in the future.
- IMPROVED: CSS spring cleaning
- IMPROVED: CSS files reduced in size by 30%!
- IMPROVED: Mobile menu animation and design
- IMPROVED: Loading icon and animation
- IMPROVED: To top button in/out animation
- IMPROVED: JS spring cleaning
- IMPROVED: Sticky menu (no jolting)
- IMPROVED: Merged (or removed where possible) extra Javascript files
- IMPROVED: Valenti Post Options Metabox
- IMPROVED: Theme Options Panel Visuals and layout
- IMPROVED: Plugin update process
- UPDATED: Envato Toolkit plugin (1.7.3)
- UPDATED: Cubell Themes Functionality (5.0)
- BUGFIX: Vote/Votes now outputs the correct word in Slavic languages (All translation files updated)

28 April 2015 – Valenti v4.0.3

- IMPROVED: Mobile devices width now works much nicer, including on iPhone 6 Plus :-)
- BUGFIX: Zoom on/off option was not affecting "random" thumbnail in megamenu
- BUGFIX: Post Background issue
- UPDATED: Core framework and TGM for recently discovered XSS vulnerability:

20 April 2015 – Valenti v4.0.2

- BUGFIX: Search results on WooCommerce 2.3
- BUGFIX: New AdSense Ads issue

2 April 2015 – Valenti v4.0.1

- BUGFIX: Search/Archives now have the option in Theme Options -> Extras to select blog style, but unless you select one, there is no fallback.

30 March 2015 – Valenti v4.0

- UPDATED: Mobile detection
- UPDATED: WooCommerce Compatibility to 2.3.x (Note: To get quantity arrows again, you must install the official WooCommerce extension for it: )
- UPDATED: Core framework (Will look almost the same, but works much better behind the scenes)
- UPDATED: Facebook Like Button API code in Valenti Sharing Block
- UPDATED: Font-Awesome to 4.3.0
- ADDED: New ad position option in Theme Options -> Posts (Appears at the end of posts content area)
- ADDED: New option for video post type: Choose between "Limit Video embed by featured image size / Open in full-screen lightbox" 
- ADDED: Ajax post megamenu feature. Applies to the Featured/random + recent posts megamenu that also have a submenu. These will now use ajax to change the "recent posts" part of the megamenu when you hover over different submenus
- ADDED: Option to turn ajax submenus in post megamenu on/off
- ADDED: New half width (50%) custom code module in Section B of pagebuilder
- ADDED: New translation files: Turkish (Thanks to aykutpehlivanoglu :) )
- ADDED: Options to turn on/off individual social networks in the Valenti Social Sharing Block
- ADDED: Facebook Share Button option to Valenti Social Sharing Block
- ADDED: New option to use view count stats from theme (Basic single counter per post) or use the stats from JetPack -> Stats module (Recommended, as it's a powerful, easy to use and free stats system).
- IMPROVED: Performance
- IMPROVED: Valenti Breadcrumbs now appears properly on pages with parent pages
- IMPROVED: Implemented New WordPress 4.1 Homepage Title Tag (with fallback for older versions)
- IMPROVED: Retina detection script
- IMPROVED: Increased Related Post Max limit to 12 posts
- IMPROVED: Explanation of how the offset works
- CHANGED: Retina logo now needs to uploaded/set explicitly in Theme Options - for better user control
- BUGFIX: Breadcrumbs show tags properly on tags page
- BUGFIX: Direct Vimeo URL in post content area wasn't becoming responsive automatically
- BUGFIX: Fixed validator error: Open element in menu items with no dropdown
- BUGFIX: Fix of "missing update" rich snippet line
- BUGFIX: Popular posts widget now accurately shows the most popular "7 days/month/all time" if using the new Jetpack Stats option
- BUGFIX: Search modal width in medium size screen
- BUGFIX: On mobile devices, a post with parallax featured image + post background image set would not show parallax image on mobile
- BUGFIX: "Slider of 4 posts" on latest posts style homepage offset option bug
- BUGFIX: RTL sites: User rating was reversed
- BUGFIX: Alignment of homepage sidebar with rest of content
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce cart layout issue on very small screens
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce latest posts widget styling in latest version
- BUGFIX: Popular Posts Widget comments time filter
- BUGFIX: Missing translation in bbPress recent topic widget
- BUGFIX: Users who use child-theme and added their won placeholder images for posts without featured images - they weren't loading on megamenu thumbnails properly
- BUGFIX: Translation missing in the login with ajax modals
- BUGFIX: Tags individual pagination option (numbered/infinite scroll/infinite scroll with load more button)
- BUGFIX: Star reviews under 1 star overall score rich snippet data
- BUGFIX: Zoom CSS effect bug in Safari
- BUGFIX: RTL review vote

09 October 2014 – Valenti v 3.2

- ADDED: New option for Valenti Google+ Page Widget to select between light/dark styles
- ADDED: New options for tags: Tags can now be controlled/manipulated like categories currently are: Select a grid/slider to show above posts, change blog style, infinite scroll, advertising in tag pages, background image/color, etc.
- ADDED: New option for Recommended fonts: "Do not load Google Font", for users who want to load their own fonts (by adding custom font loading script in Custom Head option and entering the font-family name in the overrides in Theme Options -> Typography)
- UPDATED: WooCommerce files for latest WooCommerce version
- UPDATED: Deprecated WordPress function mentions (deprecated in WordPress 4.0)
- IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs now shows up to 4 levels of category/sub-category
- IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs now works on WooCommerce products/categories
- IMPROVED: Numbered pagination now shows the last page at the end of the pagination and dots in between for a better user experience
- IMPROVED: Added Valenti Video option for custom post types
- IMPROVED: Added Valenti Audio option for custom post types
- IMPROVED: Added Valenti Gallery option for custom post types
- BUGFIX: Turn off grid underline option wasn't applying to the new Grid of 3 module
- BUGFIX: Translations missing for login modals
- BUGFIX: Padding issue on pagebuilder sidebars
- BUGFIX: Top half-width review boxes rich snippet "missing entry-title" error
- BUGFIX: Parallax featured image styles change opacity on browser resize
- BUGFIX: Slideshow on posts with the featured image style set to "off" 
- BUGFIX: Author email's not properly santized for meet the team templates
- BUGFIX: Footer widget titles border overlap on very long titles + small screens
- BUGFIX: View counter not showing in all modules
- BUGFIX: Breadcrumbs in custom post types
- BUGFIX: On RTL sites, the visitor rating in review boxes was backwards
- BUGFIX: Slavic languages translation "comments" variations
- BUGFIX: Post with no sidebar (full-width) and stars review box was showing slightly wrong stars
- BUGFIX: Sub-category background color now shows on posts
- BUGFIX: Post in child category showed parent category color in review boxes in blog style
- BUGFIX: Review Schema updated attribute missing
- NOTE: BuddyPress 2.1 seemed to have an incompatibility with the theme, but after many, many wasted hours looking into it, it turned out to be a BuddyPress issue, which was fixed in the BuddyPress 2.1.1 update

04 August 2014 – Valenti v 3.1

- ADDED: New module for Valenti pagebuilder - Grid of 3 for Sections B/D
- ADDED: New module for Valenti pagebuilder - Module G for Sections B/D
- ADDED: New option for "by line" - Post view count with eye icon
- ADDED: New option to adjust main navigation menu items center point, for very wide/narrow logos in navigation menu
- ADDED: New option for Valenti Popular Posts Widget - Sort by "comment number / view count" 
- ADDED: New option to add "nofollow rel" to social icons links in Valenti Social Medio Icons widget
- ADDED: New options to use Slider A full width (4 squares slider) on blog style homepage (in theme options -> Homepage) or category page (category settings)
- BUGFIX: Valenti Pagebuilder By Posts Filter - Posts with special characters (apostrophes, quotes, etc) weren't outputting in the module
- BUGFIX: Navigation menu logo wasn't loading retina version (if it exists) on retina screens
- BUGFIX: If post set to sub-category and only parent category had sidebar, post was showing global sidebar
- BUGFIX: Added featured image style options for pages using the "full-width" page template
- BUGFIX: Subcategory now shows background color set in parent's category if one is set, and so do the posts inside the subcategory, unless the post/subcategory has their own colors set.
- BUGFIX: 1020px sizes homepage sidebar whitespace
- BUGFIX: Third level sub-category not showing custom parent category sidebar
- BUGFIX: Full-width page $contentwidth issue
- BUGFIX: Divider shortcode in mobile line issue
- BUGFIX: Pagination inside pages
- BUGFIX: Mobile Menu issue on Windows Phones
- BUGFIX: Missing alt tag in an image
- BUGFIX: Homepage built with Valenti pagebuilder content area (normal post content) now executes shortcodes
- BUGFIX: Comments in pages option (full-width template)
- BUGFIX: A handful of other minor bugs
- IMPROVED: Video/Audio post type embed box can now execute shortcodes
- IMPROVED: Megamenu Recent posts block does not show the same post that is currently "featured" or "random" on the left (no more duplicates)
- IMPROVED: Mobile menu can now have three levels
- IMPROVED: Cubell Themes Functionality Updated
- IMPROVED: General code cleanup

20 May 2014 – Valenti v 3.0.2

- QUICKFIX: Updates the Cubell Themes Functionality plugin to v3.0.2 to remove some options that shouldn't be visible

16 May 2014 – Valenti v 3.0.1

- QUICKFIX: Users who have servers with old PHP versions were seeing a function error, this has been adjusted and fixed

15 May 2014 – Valenti v 3.0

- ADDED: New featured image style options for Pages: Parallax / Full-Background / Slideshow Full-Background (set to full-background and add multiple images to the "background Image" option) 
- ADDED: New option to specify what related posts to show (Only related by tags / Only related by categories / Related by tags and if 0 posts found, then show related by categories)
- ADDED: New option to specify order of related posts: Random / Date (Latest published)
- ADDED: New options to disable specific parts of the by line: "Author / Date / Category / Comments" each one can be turned on/off
- ADDED: New option to have logo in main navigation menu
- ADDED: New option for navigation menu logo: Visible "always / only when user scrolls down" (Demo is now using the "only when user scrolls down" option
- ADDED: New Filter for plugins/developers to hook onto the Breadcrumbs ( apply_filters( 'cb_breadcrumbs_output', '' ); )
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Navigation Menus to change the "Breaking" word to anything you wish
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Global Styling to turn off CSS zoom effect on hover of Grid/Slider images
- ADDED: Users who use 1020px max-width for the site can also turn responsive mode off
- ADDED: New background advertising template files for 1020px width site
- ADDED: Sliders in Category pages can now use the offset option. Homepages using the "latest style" (Settings -> Reading) and with a slider above the latest posts list can also use the offset option
- ADDED: Gallery Post Format: Navigation carousel now has navigation arrows for easier control
- ADDED: New Review Options: Review Type ( Editor Review + User Ratings / Editor Review Only / User Ratings Only )
- ADDED: New Review Options: Score Subtitle inside post override per post (If left blank, will continue showing "Overall Score")
- ADDED: Latest Posts style homepages (Settings -> Reading) now have the same option as categories do to add an advertising block above the posts list (appears under grid/slider if enabled)
- ADDED: Translation files for Norwegian (Thanks to Sviddgummi)
- ADDED: Translation files for Slovak (Thanks to PartymakerSK)
- ADDED: Translation files for Polish (Thanks to Schriker)
- ADDED: Translation files for Hungarian (Thanks to Barocsi)
- IMPROVED: Big improvements in theme Framework. Including performance, better colorpicker, the custom CSS box now uses CSS editor, many options are now only visible if X option is enabled (example:  clickable background ad takeover options) for better user experience, etc
- IMPROVED: Users who use the Child-theme can now overwrite the default "no featured image" placeholder images (the grey camera icon) very easily by adding images with the same names into the child-theme-folder/library/images/
- IMPROVED: Secondary navigation menu (opposite breaking news block) items can now have multiple sub-menu levels
- IMPROVED: Post Format Option Metabox only appears if relevant Format is selected and only shows relevant box
- BUGFIX: Posts that use "Standard" or "Full-width" featured image styles can now have an image slideshow in the site background (simply add images to the "Background Image" option when editing a post)
- BUGFIX: Facebook like button slightly misaligned with other buttons
- BUGFIX: Valenti Custom Homepage Page: When adding manual content to the page content area when using pagebuilder template page, margin of content was broken
- BUGFIX: Parallax featured image style + Audio/Video button: Background fades to dark on click
- BUGFIX: Gallery Post Format: Slider loading bug
- BUGFIX: Gallery Post Format: Captions are now always visible
- BUGFIX: Unresponsive mode had a couple of elements that were still behaving responsively
- BUGFIX: In Safari browser: Posts with bot Parallax featured image style + background image below now work smoothly
- BUGFIX: Typo in Spanish translation
- BUGFIX: Multiple tabs shortcode on same page now work
- BUGFIX: Widgets not showing custom post types
- BUGFIX: Reviews top position missing entry-title rich snippet error
- BUGFIX: Mobile screens white space on the right after opening menu in iPhone 4/5/5s
- BUGFIX: Removed "Background Header Color" option from Theme Options panel, as now there is a new option called "Background Header Color/Image".
- UPDATED: Font-awesome 4.1.0 is now used (71 new icons: )
- UPDATED: Cubell Themed Functionality to 3.0
- UPDATED: Envato WordPress Toolkit to latest version, which fixes "Conflict with the WP-Compatibility Installer plugin." 
- UPDATED: Documentation to v3.0

02 April 2014 – Valenti v 2.5.1

- BUGFIX: Box-shadow CSS issue in Firefox creating a 1px white line on the site
- BUGFIX: Responsive Youtube videos

01 April 2014 – Valenti v 2.5

- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> General: Set Max Width of site (can be either the default 1200px, or 1020px wide), this is an option for users who like their sites to be more narrow.
- ADDED: Option for pages: Turn on/off comments
- ADDED: New option in Theme Options -> Global Styling: Option to add background image to header block
- ADDED: Translation files for Italian (Thanks to Dinosauro :) )
- ADDED: Translation files for German (Thanks to Klappspaten :) )
- UPDATED: FontAwesome to 4.0.3 (11 new icons and no more problems with NextGen Gallery plugin)
- UPDATED: Documentation
- BUGFIX: Missing 'entry-title' schema data for review boxes using the "top position" 
- BUGFIX: Tabs shortcode unordered lists bug
- BUGFIX: Secondary menu not appearing on homepage when latest post had specific setup
- BUGFIX: Pingbacks and trackbacks will now appear in comments list
- BUGFIX: Theme is now fully compatible with Woothemes' Sensei plugin
- BUGFIX: MotoX Phone issue with youtube embeds fixed once and for all
- BUGFIX: Blog Style C loading sticky posts (if they exist on site) only bug
- BUGFIX: Pagebuilder output markup issue in Section A
- BUGFIX: Added nofollow rel to background takeover ad link
- BUGFIX: Megamenu level 4 reveal
- BUGFIX: Author page with Co-Author plus showing wrong author some times
- BUGFIX: Bulk edit posts bug
- BUGFIX: Background Takeover Clickable Ad System: Not working properly on sites set to be "full-width" 
- IMPROVED: Slight theme performance and general code

10 March 2014 – Valenti v 2.4

- IMPORTANT BUGFIX: Chrome browser bug fix in v2.3 fixed the problem for most setups, but a small percentage of users still experience the problem, this update improves the temporary fix and should fix it for everyone now
- ADDED: WooCommerce new override option: After selecting between "Left sidebar / Right sidebar / No Sidebar", there is a new option to override the setting "Off / No sidebar on product pages / No sidebar on shop page" 
- IMPROVED: Dailymotion embeds are now automatically responsive
- IMPROVED: Header Ad only appears on content pages now (homepage, category, post, pages, tags & archives) to help you comply with AdSense rules, as ads are not allowed on 404 pages.
- UPDATED: Cubell Themes Functionality plugin to v2.4
- BUGFIX: Co-Author Plus integration bug in the megamenu (was showing same author name for multiple posts)
- BUGFIX: Standard dropdown menus will now use the "fade in" effect instead of "slide down", as slide down was causing bugs in Safari browser
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce navigation spacing issue
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce 2.1 added a new customer review link above the price, this link now uses the color set in the WooCommerce Global Color setting in the theme options
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce: When using "no sidebar" option, shop page will now show 4 products per row and neatly aligned. If sidebar is on, shop page will show 3 products per row
- BUGFIX: Small typo in Dutch translation file
- BUGFIX: Several other minor bugs and clean up

05 March 2014 – Valenti v 2.3

- IMPORTANT BUGFIX: Chrome bug means many users do not see any font/text, this update has some very light code to temporary fix it permanently until Chrome is updated/fixed again. 
- BUGFIX: General code problems
- BUGFIX: Mobile CSS Ad Bug
- BUGFIX: Columns 100% width in small devices (mobile)
- BUGFIX: Translation files missing "x Responses" translation.

26 February 2014 – Valenti v 2.2

- IMPROVED: Pagebuilder 2.0: Post Filters has been improved again. Posts with commas were not working well, therefore, the ajax search post field has been developed much more and now will work fine with posts with commas. The user experience has also been improved for this filter.

25 February 2014 – Valenti v 2.1

- IMPROVED: Pagebuilder 2.0: Post Filters has been re-written again to work completely differently, as listing all the tags/posts as checkboxes was affecting the some sites with lots of them. Now you start typing into an input, and using ajax that loads a list of matches on-demand will appear which you can click to add to module. Easy to use and should work really well for everyone, regardless of site size :)
- IMPROVED: Pagebuilder 2.0: By Specific Posts filters will also be able to find all custom post types published
- ADDED: "Valenti Blogstyle homepage feature" option to posts was re-added to feature specific posts on a blogstyle grid or slider on the homepage. For homepages using the pagebuilder, each module can now show specific posts using the ajax search + click to add system.
- ADDED: WooCommerce option: Comments can now be turned on to appear at the end of product pages, can be set to "Off/On/On with Disqus" 
- BUGFIX: Category Pages: Shortcodes now work in Category Ad block.
- BUGFIX: Archive Page: Minor error message with some posts
- BUGFIX: RTL Sites Stylesheet: Slider arrows reversed

22 February 2014 – Valenti v 2.0.1

- QUICK BUGFIX: Pagination missing when infinite scroll set to off

21 February 2014 – Valenti v 2.0

- IMPROVED: Valenti Drag & Drop Pagebuilder: All modules now have options to show posts from "Category/Tags/By Specific Posts" (loads checkboxes with existing category/tags/posts, no need to enter code anywhere!). 
- IMPROVED: Valenti Drag & Drop Pagebuilder: All modules now have options to offset the posts (using a numeric slider).
- IMPROVED: Valenti Drag & Drop Pagebuilder: All modules now have options to show posts by "Latest/Oldest/Random".
- ADDED: Infinite Scroll options (Off/Infinite Scroll/Infinite Scroll with Load Button) for all blog styles
- ADDED: Valenti Drag & Drop Pagebuilder: 2 New Modules (Module E and Module F In Sections B & D)
- ADDED: 3 Featured Image Styles for Pages (Standard, full-width or off)
- ADDED: Option in Theme Options -> General to set logo location (left or centered)
- ADDED: Compatibility with co-author plus plugin - the "by line" of posts will show the co-authors (no need to add/edit any code)
- ADDED: New shortcode: Author Box (Load any author box in the post content area with just the author id)
- ADDED: Light/dark style option for blog styles
- ADDED: Rich snippet markup to breadcrumbs
- ADDED: Option to load Greek charset in Google Fonts that have Greek characters.
- ADDED: Dutch translation files - Thanks to Monique :) 
- UPDATED: WooCommerce template files 
- UPDATED: Documentation to v2.0
- IMPROVED: Valenti Tabs shortcode can now have unlimited number of tabs
- IMPROVED: Mobile performance
- IMPROVED: Standard dropdown menu with 4 levels
- BUGFIX: Category pages on "boxed" sites would not show box if the latest post in that category was set to Parallax featured image style.
- BUGFIX: When global background set with "repeat" option, it will be repeat everywhere the global background is shown (including on category pages and on posts)
- BUGFIX: When responsive mode is set to off (so mobiles load full-site), the site was loading zoomed in and needed a pinch to see the full-site
- BUGFIX: WPML bug that didn't translate modules in Section A, B or C of a homepage built with the Valenti pagebuilder
- BUGFIX: Category pages with Custom Post Types pagination wasn't counting the number of pages properly
- BUGFIX: Global featured image override + Single Post override extra shadow lines on parallax style
- BUGFIX: Missing mobile menu "hamburger" icon when breaking news is turned off and there is no secondary menu set
- BUGFIX: Valenti Facebook Like Box Widget wasn't loading correct locale (would appear in English some times, even if the site is in a different language)
- BUGFIX: Meet the team template: Position override number 5 wasn't working
- BUGFIX: Typo's in the Theme Options panel
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce titles stretching too far when using the "full-width" site option

28 January 2014 – Valenti v 1.5.0

- ADDED: Offset option for category pages and blog style homepages, so if you use a grid above a category, the posts below will now offset by the number of posts in the grid. No more duplicates!
- ADDED: Compatibility with custom post types straight out of the box. Even though Valenti doesn't use custom post types, now if you do use one, your custom posts will also have the theme meta boxes (reviews, color/background options, featured image styles, etc). They will also now appear automatically throughout the site in the latest posts (they must use the category taxonomy for this)
- ADDED: Option to use small slider (1 post at a time slider that has a sidebar) to feature posts on homepages that use the "latest posts" style (blog style homepage).
- ADDED: New Widget: Valenti Popular Posts Widget
- ADDED: Audio Post is now fully compatible with MixCloud embeds
- IMPROVED: Performance of parallax featured image style effect (some older systems struggling to keep the effect smooth).
- IMPROVED: Documentation has been updated to include sections about Custom Post Types, BbPRess, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, importing the XML dummy data and various other minor fixes throughout the documentation.
- IMPROVED: Native WordPress gallery styling
- IMPROVED: Mobile Menu bar will now show Search/Login icons on the bar (if they are enabled in the Theme Options) and when touched will show the correct search/login/register modal overlays.
- IMPROVED: If site is set to only accept comments from users who are logged in, the link to "sign in" will open up the login modal instead of redirecting to the wp-admin link.
- IMPROVED: Tabs Shortcode code re-written to allow for shortcodes within shortcodes (Note: Old tab shortcode still works, but whenever you use the "Insert Tabs" button, the new code will be used)
- IMPROVED: Top Review Widget has new filters (Sort by: Top scores, latest reviews or Lowest Scores)
- IMPROVED: Video-embed shortcode button removed. Valenti automatically turns any youtube/vimeo video url into a responsive video, simply paste the url into your post content and it will be responsive. Simple, right?
- IMPROVED: Cubell Themes Functionality plugin has been updated to v1.6 (includes numerous improvements/fixes)
- BUGFIX: Custom Sidebars: Sub-categories with no custom sidebar now show parent category sidebar (if the parent has a custom sidebar set) otherwise it shows the global sidebar
- BUGFIX: Review boxes set to "bottom" location on paginated posts will now only appear on the last page of the post (the top location will appear on the first page of the post).
- BUGFIX: Integrated lightbox now remains in a fixed position when in use
- BUGFIX: Social Icon top 2 pixels were hidden if you only used a single option
- BUGFIX: If post has tags sets, and those tags don't have any other posts attached, related posts will now 
- BUGFIX: To Top button not being disabled when setting the "To Top Button" option in the Theme Options to "off" 
- BUGFIX: NextGen Gallery loads extra CSS code that was overriding the Valenti Theme Options panel style and making it not render properly, this has been fixed.
- BUGFIX: WooCommerce: Sale sticker is now positioned properly
- BUGFIX: BuddyPress Register page detects full-width setting + breadcrumb now says "register" 
- BUGFIX: BbPress edit profile page wasn't showing avatar upload option being added by "Simple Local Avatars" plugin.
- BUGFIX: BbPress CSS stylesheet widgets on anonymous comments
- BUGFIX: RTL Version: Sliders, tipper on main menu icons, gallery post, logged in avatar in navigation menu, boxed shadows location, arrows in next/previous block - all now work and look as expected

30 December 2013 – Valenti v 1.4.1

-QUICKFIX: Avatar size in navigation menu

26 October 2013 – Valenti v 1.1.5

- QUICKFIX: A handful of quickfixes

25 October 2013 – Valenti v 1.1

- ADDED: Multiple new sections to the documentation covering new features and general user questions (Google Analytics, Author avatars, recommended image sizes, etc)
- ADDED: Background Takeover Ad system
- ADDED: Post option to have sidebar left/right
- ADDED: Option in Theme Options to change body font color (with colorpicker)
- ADDED: Option in Theme Options to change Breaking news block post title color (with colorpicker)
- ADDED: Option to show the byline only inside posts and no where else (Byline options are now: on/off/only under post titles).
- UPDATED: 125x125 ads widget now has the option to have up to 10 ads
- BUGFIX: Favicon bug (it wasn't showing on some sites)
- BUGFIX: Valenti will automatically turn every YouTube/Vimeo embedded video into a responsive video, without the need for shortcodes.
- BUGFIX: Disqus comment count not appearing bug (Valenti is fully compatible with Disqus Comments)
- BUGFIX: Valenti Recent Posts widget category filter bug (wasn't filtering)
- BUGFIX: Page background color option
- BUGFIX: Page image background repeat + no-repeat
- BUGFIX: Tiled galleries that open in lightbox will automatically have the "next/previous" arrows to navigate between photos
- BUGFIX: Posts that are split into numerous pages (with pagination) style
- BUGFIX: Numerous other minor bugs/niggles reported by users

19 October 2013 – Valenti v 1.0

        - Initial Release

Valenti really is the ultimate WordPress Newspaper Magazine theme of 2015.



Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce Theme


Version: 3.6.0 | Changelog

Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce


Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce
Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce

Porto is an Responsive WordPress + eCommerce Theme that is extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of business, portfolio, blog and ecommerce sites. Great as a starting point for your custom projects. Porto includes 30 homepage layouts and skins and it has huge variation to be suitable for any purpose. More amazing features are coming soon!

Main Features

  • Multipurpose design
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Bunch of Useful Demos – Construction, Hotel, Restaurant, Law Firm, Digital Agency, Medical
  • Plenty of Widgets
  • Multiple Page Styles
  • One Page template
  • Social Sharing Features
  • 33+ custom elements for Visual Composer (banners, carousels, tabs, toggles, accordions, buttons, quotes, table, alert boxes, tables, lists, forms, icons, glyphicons, progress bar, pricing tables, dropcaps, team members, call to action boxes, columns, etc)
  • SEO Optimized (Rich snippets for breadcrumbs and reviews are built-in)
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Colors & Layouts
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Wishlist, Ajax Search, Filtering & Sorting
  • WPML Support
  • RTL Ready
  • FAST Support & Updates
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge)
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • 30 + unique homepage layouts: More amazing concepts are coming soon!
  • 6 extra layouts of the slider area: Text and Form, Static image, Single Video;
  • Mega menu and 3-level drop-down menu;
  • 17 different headers
  • 5 different breadcrumbs
  • 4 different portfolio types (total 19 pages)
  • 4different blog types (total 6 pages)
  • Grid / List view
  • Shop pages
  • Ajax filtering in shop and product archive pages
  • Revolution Slider ($19 value) plugin
  • Visual Composer ($34 value) + Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer ($18 value) plugins
  • Woocommerce Catalog Mode
  • Powerful Page options
  • Elegant animations
  • 3 different contact page layouts
  • Install Demo content with One-Click
  • Wide / Full / Boxed Layout
  • Typography page
  • Switch on/off sticky header option
  • Additional pages: About, Services, Team, Process, Careers, FAQ, 404 page, Sitemap, Contact us, etc.
  • Lightbox
  • Share icons on project and product pages
  • Contact and newsletter forms
  • Twitter Feed Widget
  • Google web fonts
  • Custom Font Control
  • Documentation ? step by step
  • Compatible with WordPress SEO plugin
  • Compatible with WP Cache plugins such as WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache plugins
  • Compatible with Mailpoet newsletter plugin
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider plugin
  • Compatible with BBPress, BuddyPress plugins
  • Compatible with Better WordPress Minify plugin
  • Compatible with Nav Menu Roles plugin
  • Compatible with Woocommerce Product Filter plugin
  • Compatible with Post Views Counter plugin
  • Compatible with GeoDirectory plugin
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual plugin
  • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce
  • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin
  • Compatible with YITH
    WooCommerce Badge Management
  • Compatible with WPML plugin
  • Compatible with Polylang plugin
  • Compatible with qTranslate X plugin
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin
  • And much much more?

Update History

Version 3.6.0 (4.19.2017)

- Added App Landing Demo
- Updated Shop5 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop6 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop7 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop8 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop9 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
- Fixed VC column gap bug
- Fixed Blog Archive link bug

Version 3.5.5 (4.16.2017)

- Compatible with woo commerce 3.0.3
- Fixed minor issues

Version 3.5.4 (4.12.2017)

- Compatible with woo commerce 3.0.1
- Fixed minor issues
- Updated Visual Composer plugin.

Version 3.5.2 (4.5.2017)

- Added One Page Agency Demo
- Updated Shop2 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop4 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Shop6 Demo Skin and style
- Updated Ultimate Adds on for Visual composer
- Added NEW Breadcrumb Style
- Added New Product Styles
- Added Turkish language files
- Fixed Porto Featured box VC element bug
- Fixed VC Separator color Settings bug
- Fixed Porto Product Attribute VC Element Bug

Version 3.5.1 (3.14.2017)

- Added Church Demo
- Added Finance Demo
- Added Porto Events VC element
- Added Events Custom Post Type
- Added Like Feature for blog posts inner page
- Added large alt single post layout
- Added Display role of member option in Type3 style
- Fixed Breadcrumb bug
- Fixed Large alt blog layout bug
- Updated Visual Composer plugin.

Version 3.5.0 (2.22.2017)

+ Added Gym Demo
+ Added Business Consulting Demo
+ Added WC Vendor Compatibility
+ Added Event Demo
+ Added Resume Demo
+  Added New VC element “Porto Schedule Timeline”
+ Added Experience Timeline in “Porto Experience Timeline”
+ Added new VC element “Floating Menu(Left)”
+ Added Hover Effect (Zoom/No Zoom) for Member  
+ Added New Testimonials Style
+ Added Text editor Font size option
+ Added new social icon layout for Member Page and Single Member
+ Added new Blog and post layout option
+ Added Like Feature for blog posts
- Fixed Porto Product Category Element Bug.
- Fixed Advanced carousal dots coloring bug
- Fixed Bug in porto-shortcodes plugin
- Fixed YITH Wishlist sharing Bug
- Updated Language files
- Updated embedded plugins' version to latest one.

Version 3.4 (1.19.2017)

+ Added 3 new Photography demos  
+ Added new eCommerce demos: Shop11 and Shop12  
+ Added New Header Type 18 
+ Added Register form page style 2 
+ Added Shopping Cart page design 2 
+ Added Checkout page style 2 
+ Added new Social share style for Blog and Posts 
+ Added Portfolio Categories VC Element with Stripes and Parallax layout  
+ Added New Hover effects 
+ Added Option to select your own Category image for each Portfolio category 
+ Added Parallax banner Option for Single Portfolio page 
+ Added Image Counters Options for portfolios and Featured images 
+ Added Thumb slider option for Ajax on page  
+ Added Functionality of image light box with thumbs for portfolios 
+ Added Member page layout option control from Theme Options 
- Fixed Theme Options panel Import/export issue 
- Fixed Portfolio layout issue (Medium/Large) 
- Fixed Porto Product category 
- limited categories issue
- Fixed Porto Lightbox VC Element issue

Version 3.3.3 (12.13.2016)

+ Updated revolution slider plugin.
- Fixed sidebar generator security vulnerability issue.

Version 3.3.2 (11.22.2016)

+ Updated visual composer plugin.
- Fixed minor theme options issue.

Version 3.3.1 (11.11.2016)

+ Updated visual composer plugin.

Version 3.3 (10.27.2016)

+ Added wedding demo.
+ Added main menu wrapper padding option in sticky header.
+ Added logo type option in Theme Options > General > Logo, Icons.
+ Added logo font option in Theme Options > Skin > Typography.
+ Added footer background parallax options in Theme Options > Skin > Footer.
+ Added back to blog option in Theme Options > Post > Single Post.
+ Added new post carousel style in Theme Options > Post > Post Carousel.
+ Updated revolution slider, porto shortcodes plugins.
+ Updated dummy data.
- Fixed port carousle navigation issue.
- Fixed block content type search engine issue.
- Fixed portfolio masony layout issue.
- Fixed vc row, column equal height issues.
- Fixed minor css, js issues.

Version 3.2 (10.10.2016)

+ Added hotel demo.
+ Added medical demo.
+ Added porto feature box shortcode.
+ Added custom image icon option in shortcodes.
+ Added custom css, javascript code options in content types, terms.
+ Added new member archive view type.
+ Added footer widgets area background options.
+ Added sticky header effect.
+ Added breadcrumbs parallax feature.
+ Added breadcrumbs delimiter option.
+ Added portfolio, member, faq archive page sub title options.
+ Updated visual composer, porto shortcodes, porto widgets plugins.
+ Updated simple line icons font.
+ Updated porto section shortcode.
+ Updated footer template files.
+ Updated header side navigation template file.
+ Updated page header template files.
+ Updated member, portfolio template files.
- Fixed google font charsets issue.
- Fixed minor css, js issues.

Version 3.1 (8.30.2016)

+ Added Construction Demo.
+ Added Restaurant Demo.
+ Added Law Firm Demo.
+ Added Digital Agency Demo.
+ Updated porto content types, porto shortcodes, ultimate addons plugins.
+ Added new portfolio slideshow type with thumbnails.
+ Added option to change featured image on archives in Portfolio options.
+ Add location field in Portfolio.
+ Added page sub title option in View Options.
+ Added porto lightbox container shortcode.
+ Added logo overlay options in Theme Options > General > Logo, Icons.
+ Added show title option in Theme Options > Post > Single Post.
+ Added portfolio slideshow type in Theme Options > Portfolio > Single Portfolio.
+ Added portfolios page, members page, faqs page options in Theme Options.
+ Added more options in Theme Options > Breadcrumbs.
+ Added post style options in Theme Options > Post > Blog & Archive.
+ Added post excerpt length option in Theme Options > Post > Single Post.
+ Added portfolio sub title select option in Theme Options > Portfolio > Portfolio Archives.
+ Added global banner block options in Theme Options > Post > Single Post, Theme Options > Portfolio > Single Portfolio, Theme Options > Member > Single Member.
+ Added page sub title skin options in Theme Options > Skin > Breadcrumbs.
+ Added active color, background color in Theme Options > Skin > Main Menu > Top Level Menu Item.
+ Added header margin options in Theme Options > Skin > Header > Header.
+ Added footer columns options in Theme Options > Footer > Footer Type.
- Fixed portfolio like issue.
- Fixed portfolio, member, faq filters issue.
- Fixed product custom tabs count issue.
- Fixed animation issue.
- Fixed progress bar tooltip animation issue.
- Fixed minor javascript, css issues.
- Fixed yith woocommerce ajax filter dropdown issue.

Version 3.0.3 (7.21.2016)

+ Compatible with woocommerce 2.6.3.
- Fixed minor issues.

Version 3.0.2 (7.13.2016)

- Fixed woocommerce checkout issue.

Version 3.0.1 (7.12.2016)

- Fixed wpml language switcher issue.
- Fixed minor javascript issues.
- Fixed minor css issues.

Version 3.0 (7.11.2016)


+ Slider revolution wordpress plugin
+ Gallery single portfolio template
+ Carousel single portfolio template
+ Medias single portfolio template
+ Full Width Video single portfolio template
+ Masonry Images single portfolio template
+ Full Images single portfolio template
+ Extended single portfolio template
+ Masonry portfolio archive template
+ Ajax load portfolios on page
+ Ajax load portfolios on modal
+ Image Frame porto shortcode
+ Carousel porto shortcode
+ Image Gallery porto shortcode
+ Lightbox shortcodes
+ Member columns option
+ Portfolio info view types: Left Info, Centered Info, Bottom Info, Bottom Info Dark, Hide Info Hover
+ Sticky Sidebar
+ Side Navigation instead of sidebar on mobile
+ Microdata disable option in Page options
+ Fontawesome icon - version 4.6.3
+ Magnific Popup jquery plugin


+ Plugins installation
+ Demo installation
+ Porto content types, shortcodes, widgets plugins
+ Ultimate addons plugin
+ Theme options
+ Portfolios porto shortcode
+ Members porto shortcode
+ Recent portfolios porto shortcode
+ Recent members porto shortcode
+ Recent posts porto shortcode
+ Price Box shortcodes


- Yith woocommerce ajax filter in woo 2.6
- Layout issues


- Master slider wordpress plugin
- Blueimp gallery javascript plugin


MayaShop – A Flexible Responsive e-Commerce Theme


MayaShop is a fresh WordPress theme that utilises the powerful WooCommerce plugins to create a versatile WordPress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and unlimited skins. Make this theme your own.

Mix up content on the homepage with widgets and shortcodes, set the layout full width or boxed style, choose your background color or set one of the 50+ custom backgrounds, set your header color, change the style of your products, chose from 8 different sliders.. a theme so versatile that you can customize it to suit your business by simply changing a few settings. With MayaShop you can sell everything!


We provide support only through our support desk. Register yourself in our site, then active your theme in this page.

After this here you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.


AsifMajeed: Im a complete beginner, had no clue about what I was doing or even where to start, but my passion for this theme made me buy it and I have no regrets. It comes with a detailed step-by-step from begining to end and the support is so fast and so good. I have no complaints at all, extremely satisfied, couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this theme! :D

webtoday2: Just want to say not only is this an amazing theme, but the support is simply second to None! After years of being online and using a variety of themes, imagine having a question and someone actually answering quickly to help resolve your issues. No worries here about making a purchase and waiting days to hear back from someone. They really do have an excellent team on board to help you with any questions you may have. Couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. Many thanks to you for a great theme and wonderful support!

Mimi623: What to say about the Maya theme? THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! I recently purchased the wonderful Maya theme and although I’m still learning it, I am already beyond thrilled with it! I’m not a developer, I don’t know any code, yet, I’m positive I can build a gorgeous website! I’ve previously used another wp-theme for my business site that is attractive on the “outside”, but the instructions have been a nightmare from day 1. As I’m unable to do some of the work myself, I’ve hired multiple designers to work on my site. Once they saw the admin. area and the instructions, they didn’t want to waste their time trying to plod through the confusing directions, so wouldn’t work on my site. Not so with the Maya theme! The instructions and even the coding is clean, efficient, organized and very easy to understand! A HUGE difference from my other mess. The support has been prompt and efficient (could I expect anything less from this wonderful team?) Yesterday I saw a notification in my wp-admin that the theme had an update. What a pleasure!
My old theme developer requires that you, as the subscriber, constantly check to see if there are any updates! As if a small business owner has nothing else to do!
The only “negative” comment I have (joking) is that I could only give 5 Stars!! This team deserves much more than 5! I wish this wonderful design team MUCH success! Thank you, Mimi

chongsm2867: Sara, not only is the theme awesome, your support is equally awesome too! You and Mustone (tech support) have been spot on in answering all my technical questions. For those who are still undecided, this must be one of the best WP ecommerce themes that is well supported by a group of dedicated staff. 10/10. :bigsmile:

This theme is so gorgeous! It has lots of features that other themes don´t have, and the design is beautiful: elegant but modern and dynamic at the same time. Also I must say the support is simply superb, specially Nicola, who has helped me a lot with some issues and changes I wanted to do on my site. I expected the support to be good, but is simply excellent! I´m glad I bought it because the Maya Shop theme and the support are worth every penny :)

meanmugstore: I just wanted to let everyone know what a great theme this is. I started using WordPress a few months ago and purchased a theme that ended up being poorly coded and the support was terrible (WP Flexishop 2). I was very frustrated and decided to give the Mayashop a try. I can honestly say that it was the right decision. Mayashop is solid, very well coded and the support is outstanding. Proper support and correct coding makes all the difference in the world and I had to learn that the hard way. Don’t take any chances like I did, buy the right theme from the start. They won’t leave you hanging!

thesportbasket:Hi Sara, I just wanted to give you and Nicola high praise for all of your timely help with all of my issues & questions as I worked my way thru setting up my website over the past month. I have to say, I am very impressed with the both of you and absolutely LOVE this theme!! I have absolutely no experience designing websites, and the fact that I fnished and am now up and running, is an amazing feeling and is ALL thanks to you guys!!! You 2 are the best!!

Youngseekers: A couple of weeks ago, I bought this theme and I ‘ll be the first to admit that I was a pain (in the you know what) because I had a client from hell who was driving me nuts with a million requests for customization. That being said, this is an AWESOME theme! Installing it was a breeze and once I had access to the support forum, I was able to customize the site as much as I wanted. So to Sara_p and all the other great guys at :nerdy: please accept my heartfelt apology and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

wowstyleshop: Thanks for this awesome and totally versatile WP WooCommerce Theme. After working with it for a while, I am happy to say that I would always buy this again! The support is simply phenomenal and more than willing to help, even when I asked if it was possible to add a certain functionality to the theme. All questions were promptly solved within MET timeframes. Thanks yiw and keep up the great work!

mayaotraya: Very cool wordpress ecommerce theme, easy to manage and offering plenty of possibilities to be personalized. A great team behind this theme ready to help and resolve all troubles.

chaismeyer: I need to let everyone know that support is out of this World! Even though they’re on holiday right now, they jumped in to fix a problem I had with SSL. Thanks a bunch support team! I’m definitely a fan!

franki: I’ll tell you, I’ve worked with MANY developers and you are by far the most helpful group I’ve ever come across. Each day I see dozens of new support requests at your support forums but you manage to not only reply quickly, but resolve every one within hours! How do you do it?? You’ve earned my respect and future business. Please keep it up. Thank you!

eddiewill9: The support service these guys provide is simply amazing. Can’t recommend them highly enough. They have helped me through a handful of issues (usually due to my inexperience) and solved all of my issues quickly and professionally. Incredible level of service on a 60.00 purchase!

doamore: A great theme, but what is really helping me is the great forum support. Sara_p, nicola, and antoscarface have been extremely helpful. Thank you support team for a great theme and great help. 5 stars!

JewelSKY: I just want to say this theme is Brilliant, love working with it, Everything has been done so well, the back end has separate sections for everything so you dont have to go searching for things, there is no confusion, its just straight forward, im reasonably new to wordpress but have tried several themes and this one is by far the best, well designed, easiest to customize, professional theme AND the support is unbeatable, very helpful and quick to respond,,, if I could give it 10 stars I would Thank you so much for the theme and supporting it, very happy customer here :):):)

lf2: These guys deserve respect because it’s such a nice theme and so easy to edit! I can honestly say this is the best theme for wordpress out there on this moment ( i used more then 30 premium ones) 5 STARS !

Webjump:Maya is THE BEST Woocommerce theme on the market. Our customers are thrilled. Here’s what we’ve created:

Blackboxav: This is easily the most user friendly and feature packed eCommerce theme I’ve used to date. Simple to customise and it looks really great, clean and modern. Even better is the support you receive on the forums, I’m yet to have a query that wasn’t dealt with quickly and best of all, in a friendly manner! Will certainly look at your themes again for any future projects!

HollyAmelia: Really enjoying this theme but love the support more. The support and forum are fantastic and extremely helpful even for beginners. Worth every cent. Thank you so much!

buitenruimte: Fantastic theme but more important a fabulous support team. You get a very quick response and the solutions are spot on all the time! Thanks! Regards
– Marcel

silentfxx: PHENOMENAL job on the theme!!!! It is a very well thought out and built theme!!! and the SUPPORT you guys provide to EVERYONE that has bugs and questions is just AMAZING !!! 5 STAR RATING !!!!

En2011: This theme is absolutely first-rate! The attention to detail in the design, back-end, documentation and support forum is amazing. This theme was definitely worth the investment and stands out way above a lot of the other products here!

Hectikp: I’ve been using MayaShop for a little while now and everything is working great thus far! Thank you for the fast technical support. If you’re thinking of buying this theme, check out their support forum and you’ll see that they are very good at answering questions and concerns. Woocommerce is working great for me so far. You can review my content and fraternity & sorority apparel @: Thank you once again! Cheers, HectikP

Christina: I’ve Purchased 2 themes from this Author and both themes are ROCKIN ! As if that wasn’t enough they go above and beyond when it comes to support and always respond within hours!THANK YOU !

Masideas: Great theme and great support forum!! Good work!! Gran plantilla y gran foro de soporte!! Muy buen trabajo!!

Asperty:I am glad I did, the back-end is better than I expected, so customizable and easy to play with. Good work. Wishing you guys the best. It’s a 5 star rating from me :-)

ze_design: I just want to say that this is the most Awesome, Professional and “Clean code” theme that I’ve purchased from Theme Forest! Keep up the great work!

danielV: Hey I’m super excited to have found this epic theme! Just spent $100 on a programmer to try and make the woo commerce plugin fit my other theme and it was a pure mess. Your theme really comes with EVERYTHING I could’ve dreamt of!!!

Robthijs: The theme is a dream to work with, great job!

hecktip: I’ve been using MayaShop for a little while now and everything is working great thus far! Thank you for the fast technical support. If you’re thinking of buying this theme, check out their support forum and you’ll see that they are very good at answering questions and concerns. Woocommerce is working great for me so far. Thank you once again! Cheers, HectikP

sofiapedroso: Fantastic template, with one of the most beautiful sliders i have ever seen. Great integration with woo commerce. Great support. Great job. Congratulations.

audieswu: Hi Sara, Just wanted to say MayaShop is the complete solution for any WordPress hosted e-commerce site. Your support staff is superb! Scarfi and Nicola are the most responsive support staff I have ever dealt with. You made a life-long customer out of me. I look forward to YIW future theme releases.

longlovemac: Love beautiful theme! :D And one more important, the YIW team support very well. Great works, great services! From Hanoi, Vietnam

poipixie: Brilliant Theme! Outstanding support team, a real pleasure to work with Maya :)

About the support

thesportbasket: Hello, I dont know if this is the proper place to leave comments about how impressed I have been with the developers, but I will leave comments here for now, if it’s not right, please let me know! I have been extremely impressed with Corrado, he has truly helped me work out some issues that I never thought possible. I really feel that he has gone above and beyond to help me fix my website back to looking normal again. I cannot thank him enough…He is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love MayaShop and would rate this theme, developers & author an A++

JakeBJake: Hi, I want to share my opinion about MayaShop theme. I’m newbie, I did not make a websites and do not know how to write code for website, etc. I was looking for the ready-to-use store, a simple site, affordable, etc. I read a lot of reviews, rankings and chose MayaShop theme. When I bought MayaShop and I logged in to and then I saw a huge help given by People from MayaShop. INCREDIBLE! Step-by-step show how to set page (video) and a lot of hints. MayaShop has many additional features that you can use if you want to or not. I was afraid that the purchase will be left alone (I’m newbie) and I would be looking for support on the forums, and I would not find at Sara_p. Until today already sent 3 questions (tickets) to MayaShop support. Maybe, the questions I sent were trivial problems for the MayaShop Team, but for me they were huge :) NOTE! I have never waited for a response for more than 24 hours! Replies were exhaustive subject and patient (!) like for those newbie I am :) Thank you for your help and support – THIS IS A GREAT! I bought second MayaShop theme:) I RECOMMEND MAYASHOP!

kosygirl: Hi thank you for the update all is working just fine. Keep up the hard work, so many developers in themeforest are life frustrating to us customers, but with you, is 100% assistance anytime I have about 5 themes that I gave up on because of bad assistance with developers. Have a good day

seabreeze: I do agree with kosygirl 10000000% on Sara and her team supports . They are ALL SIMPLY AMAZING . Thank YOU SO MUCH Sara for ALL yours and your team’s dedication and hard work . I personally am forever grateful to you all . Have bought 5 themes from you, and will continue to be your loyal customer Have a wonderful night :) Love you all, Van

eddiewill9:The support service these guys provide is simply amazing. Can’t recommend them highly enough. They have helped me through a handful of issues (usually due to my inexperience) and solved all of my issues quickly and professionally. Incredible level of service on a 60.00 purchase!

ICTECH: Just want to give some feedback. I have purchased many themes from here with different levels of support but have come across none whose responses are as fast (even on weekends), informative and always pleasant as the dev team here inc Sara and Nicola. Even with stupid questions like some of mine. I would give the support 6 stars if I could. Thanks

boojay: Thanks so much for your awesome support! I did leave you guys a 5 star! Woooot! You guys rock in customer service and support your products! A++ ! Sorry I haven’t left one before I have been extremely busy, I been reading my old posts and realize you guys need the credit you deserve! Sincerely, Shane Hager

garage604: I’ve bought a lot of themes and this is the best response and customer service I’ve received on theme forest. The Dev and staff are always there to help, even responded on weekend.

decarodesign:I agree with everyone. Your team does provide outstanding support, and issues happen all the time with theme, plugin, and even wordpress upgrades. I am so impressed how quickly your team responds upgrades and resolves the issues so quickly. I will certainly purchase more themes from YIT.

buitenruimte: Fantastic theme but more important a fabulous support team. You get a very quick response and the solutions are spot on all the time! Thanks! Regards
– Marcel

silentfxx: PHENOMENAL job on the theme!!!! It is a very well thought out and built theme!!! and the SUPPORT you guys provide to EVERYONE that has bugs and questions is just AMAZING !!! 5 STAR RATING !!!!

Some examples of MAYA in action:


Support forum


8 Home page sliders

  • Elegant slider: An elegant slideshow to display images and text;
  • Cycle Slider: to show text and images or text and videos in a nice way;
  • Nivo Slider: a classic jQuery slideshow with a lot of different transitions;
  • Layer Slider: a premium parallax effect slider
  • Uno Slider: a responsive elegant slider
  • Flash Slider: a creative flash slider;
  • Elastic Slider: a original responsive slider;
  • Awkward slideshow: an amazing slider, with thumbnails and tooltips!

Choose Your fonts & Colors

  • Over 300 Google fonts;
  • 20 Cufon fonts;
  • Set font and size for titles, slogan, body text and more;
  • Unlimited combinations of colors
  • 50+ custom backgrounds + bg images uploader
  • Unlimited header colors + header uploader

Shop Features

  • Compatible with WooComerce plugin
  • Multiple images for your product
  • Multiple payment options
  • Supports Tax
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • Shipping Options
  • Product sliders in 2 different styles
  • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, how many columns and the type of order)
  • Detail page of the product with related products, ratings and description tab
  • Megamenu features with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories and Brand’ function (very useful features and used in all e-commerce sites!)
  • Customize your product’s thumbnails: colors, borders, shadow, turn on/off add to cart and detail buttons, edit colors, choose if display the name of the product inside or under the thumbnail,….and more!
  • much more..

General features

  • Layout boxed or stretched style
  • Extensive Admin Panel
  • 960 grid system layout
  • Unobtrusive Menu: it Works also if JavaScript is disabled
  • 12 custom widgets
  • Custom post type for testimonials and faqs
  • Unlimited “features tab”
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • 3 different blog styles: big or small image and elegant style
  • Unlimited contact forms with javascript error control
  • Translation-ready theme
  • Shortcode
    • Typography: quote, columns, list styles, dropcap & more
    • Elements: alert boxes, buttons, tables, toggles, tabs, prices tables & more
    • Media: sliders, galleries, videos, images styles, lightbox
    • Shop: products sliders, credit card icons and so on
    • & more
  • PrettyPhoto (really nice Lightbox clone)
  • Video tutorials: how to set ALL the theme
  • Blog page + thread comments
  • Well Documented
  • HTML File support

Screencast Theme Support

Customize your theme easily with our videotutorials.

Sample data

Import our sample data and make your WordPress like our demo with just one click!

Update History

Version 3.0.2 Released Mar 21, 2017

  • New: WooCommerce 3.0.0-RC1 support
  • Fix: String Translation and Maya Shop Generates warning messages on elastic Slider
  • Fix: Localized string Category
  • Fix: yiw_wc_product_post_class function
  • Fix: Usage of get_terms function
  • Fix: Loop margin on slider
  • Fix: Minor bugs

Version 3.0.1 Released Jun 13, 2016

  • Added: WooCommerce 2.6 support
  • Updated: Layer Slider to 5.6.8 version

Version 3.0.0 Released Apr 29, 2016

  • Added: WordPress 4.5.x support
  • Added: PHP7 Support
  • Updated: Layer Slider to 5.6.6 version
  • Fixed: “Image cannot be loaded” error with “read more” link

Version 2.9.4 Released Mar 25, 2016

  • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support

Version 2.9.3 Released Feb 08, 2016

  • Added: WordPress 4.4.2 support
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.2 support
  • Fixed: Add or change single slide on slider does not work

Version 2.9.2 Released Jan 05, 2016

  • Added: WordPress 4.4 support
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.12
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.x (tested with version beta beta 3)
  • Fixed: Pagination issue when shop is on Home Page

Version 2.9.1 Released Nov 10, 2015

  • Added: Layer Slider 5.6.2
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.8 support
  • Added: YITH Essential Kit support
  • Added: WordPress Title Tag support
  • Added: Support to WordPress favicon system( Site Identity )
  • Fixed: Mobile detect error
  • Fixed: Email spam problem
  • Fixed: Descriptions on Theme Option are not translated

Version 2.9.0 Released Aug, 21, 2015

  • Added: WordPress 4.3 support
  • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.5 support(*note The “Category Thumnail Size” option was moved to the theme-option, you should resave it to see changes)
  • Added: Layer Slider 5.5.1

Version 2.8.5 Released Jun, 27, 2015

  • Updated: PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6 – latest stable and secure version

Version 2.8.4 Released Jun, 23, 2015

  • Added: WooCommerce 2.3.11 support
  • Added: Layer Slider 5.4.0 support
  • Added: YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
  • Added: YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review
  • Added: YITH WooCommerce Colors and Labels Variations
  • Added: YITH Live Chat

Version 2.8.3 Released Apr, 27, 2015

  • Added: WooCommerce 2.3.8 support
  • Fixed: Wp security issue
  • Fixed: Mini slider translation issue

Version 2.8.2 Released Mar, 10, 2015

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.5 support
  • Added: Yith Woocomerce Order Tracking
  • Adedd: Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews
  • Adedd: Yith Woocommerce Quick View
  • Fixed: “Enable Lightbox for product images” option issue

Version 2.8.1 Released Feb, 16, 2015

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.3 support

Version 2.8.0 Released Feb, 11, 2015

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.0 support
  • Added: Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0 *note you must remove embedded wishlist to use it.
  • Removed: Embedded Yith Wishlist directory

Version 2.7.9 Released Dec, 29, 2014

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.10 support
  • Added: Yit Woocomerce Wishlist 1.1.7 support
  • Fixed: Woocommerce “cross sell” position
  • Fixed: Woocommerce pagination issue
  • Fixed: Incorrect content during product sharing on pinterest and other social nets. Stripped shorcodes to prenvent wrong text
  • Fixed: Add to cart shortcode issue
  • Fixed: Missed wp_reset_postdata after custom query in recentpost shortcode
  • Fixed: testimonial image issue on firexox

Version 2.7.8 Released Nov, 05, 2014

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.8 support
  • Added: Yit Woocomerce Wishlist 1.1.6 support
  • Added: Layer Slider 5.3.2 support
  • Added: Option show thumbnail in testimonial widget
  • Added: Option for favicon on mobile devices
  • Fixed: strip tags into blog page
  • Fixed: Primary Nav on Android devices. Links on 3th level doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Shop Category Thumbnail size issue
  • Fixed: Label for Show Custom Related Products
  • Fixed: Image.php issue with w3 total cache plugin
  • Removed: “Bookmark” from share shortcode

Version 2.7.7 Released Oct, 13, 2014

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.6 support

Version 2.7.6 Released Oct, 07, 2014

  • Added: Layer Slider 5.3.1
  • Added: New Filter in product_categories_slider shortcode. The filter is named ‘yit_product_categories_slider_args’
  • Fixed: YIW links problem

Version 2.7.5 Released Sep, 26, 2014

  • Fixed: Undefined constant in woocommerce.php
  • Fixed: “The settings of this image size have been disabled because its values are being overwritten by a filter.” because of new WooCommerce 2.2.x
  • Fixed: Single product tabs when using jigoshop
  • Fixed: Minor LayerSlider issues

Version 2.7.4 Released Sep, 17, 2014

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.3 support

Version 2.7.3 Released Sep, 12, 2014

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.2 support

Version 2.7.2 Released Sep, 06, 2014

  • Added: WordPress 4.0 support
  • Fixed: Duplicated content in single post for Elegant blog type

Version 2.7.1 Released Aug, 28, 2014

  • Fixed: Blog post excerpt is not used even if it is set on edit post page
  • Fixed: Send email vulnerability issue, an user had ability to upload arbitrary files on uploads directory via Contact Form
  • Removed: Old woocommerce files from child theme

Version 2.7 – Jul 23, 2014

  • Fixed: Incorrect crop images on single products if images are stored in an external server
  • Fixed: Incorrect image size for og:image tag, that prevent facebook to show the image when the post is shared
  • Fixed: Incorrect parameters for the function get_item_downloads on order details
  • Fixed: Detect IE11
  • Fixed: Undefined function icl_t when string translation plugin is not active
  • Fixed: Reviews stars single product
  • Fixed: Shortcode lightbox in IE8
  • Fixed: Long product title in sidebar
  • Fixed: Social share issue when there are no product description.
  • Fixed: Features Tab style inside product editor
  • Fixed: Theme Option/Slider/Responsive Behavior, “Replace with Fixed-image” option doesn’ t work with all slider
  • Fixed: Search Form wrong position on header for 960px resolution.
  • Fixed: Rich Snippet Single Product (Rating,Reviews e Info)
  • Fixed: Product Tabs Title is not translated
  • Fixed: Widget Icon Text and Text Image body text translate
  • Fixed: Mini Cart Translation compatibility
  • Fixed: Duplicated google font classes on body tag
  • Fixed: Missed Readmore tag on Blog Small layout
  • Fixed: Single blog small layout doesn’t work even if selected from theme option
  • Fixed: Undefined index for portfolios when the current post type is not found on portfolios array
  • Added: H1 and title class in page template
  • Added: BuddyPress support
  • Added: Woocommerce Dynamic Price support
  • Added: Filter on single related products, to change the number of columns. The filter is named loop_shop_columns_related
  • Added: Shortcode column 3/4
  • Added: More socials in blog section. Option in ThemeOptions -> General -> Blog Settings.
  • Added: ReCaptcha system in contact form
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce 2.1.12
  • Updated: LayerSlider Version 5.1.1
  • Updated: Jquery-ui css from 1.8.2 to 1.10.4

Version 2.6.0 – Apr 17, 2014

  • Added: Filter yiw_sc_recentpost_query_args for recentpost shortcode to filter query args
  • Fixed: image catalog options disappeared from 2.1.x versions of woocommerce plugin
  • Added: Filter to remove zoom icon from the filterable portfolio. The filter is named yiw_portfolio_filterable_show_zoom
  • Added: support to WordPress 3.9
  • Added: support to WooCommerce 2.1.7

Version 2.5.3 – Mar 19, 2014

  • Added: Missing Category Attribute on items Shortcode
  • Added: Filter named yiw-loop-blog-elegant-thumbnail for elegant blog posts on archives page
  • Added: Filter named yiw-loop-blog-small-thumbnail for small blog posts on archives page
  • Added: Action before and after page content
  • Fixed: Twice ReOrder button on My Account page
  • Fixed: Wrong fields order in checkout page
  • Fixed: Bug in thumbnails gallery under main product image
  • Fixed: Change Add to cart label from Theme Options
  • Fixed: Checkbox on contact form page
  • Fixed: Shortcode Tabs show all tabs content when the script yiw_tabs is inizialized

Version 2.5.2 – Feb 24, 2014

  • Fixed: Tabs and variations don’t working in single product page
  • Fixed: no navigation in the product thumbnails gallery

Version 2.5.1 – Feb 20, 2014

  • Fixed: Parse error $ end in the products list
  • Fixed: Double description in category page
  • Fixed: Add to cart button in different style for the traditional layout of products list

Version 2.5.0 – Feb 19, 2014

  • Added: Support to Woocommerce 2.1.x
  • Fixed: HTML tags in pinterest description
  • Fixed: Bug with woocommerce magnifier plugin
  • Fixed: Wrong Contact Form
  • Fixed: Filtering Title, sep and website of testimonials slider meta

Version 2.4.0 – Dec 28

  • Added: Compatibility to WordPress 3.8
  • Added: support to FB Connect free plugin and integrated with the theme
  • Added: Hook woocommerce_grouped_product_list_before_price
  • Updated: LayerSlider plugin to 5.0.0 version
  • Updated: YITH WooCommerce Magnifier plugin bundled to last version
  • Updated: minimized all javascript files
  • Fixed: WPML error while searching for products
  • Fixed: Error with Last tweets widget. Replaced user name with user id
  • Fixed: Out of stock badge position
  • Fixed: Shop page content printed above the products
  • Fixed: Portfolio items numbers when leave empty

Version 2.3.0 – Aug 02

  • Added: support with WordPress 3.6
  • Updated: LayerSlider plugin to version 4.6.0
  • Fixed: Increased the limit of the drodpwon menu on mobiles to fix an error with Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Fixed: Last tweets widget, error on multiple lines
  • Fixed: Popup text wrongly handled if there’s HTML
  • Fixed: Theme lightbox does not replace WooCommerce lightbox on products
  • Fixed: Notifier cache
  • Fixed: “Reviews” string now translatable with ‘yiw’ language files
  • Fixed: Images generated correctly also on SSL
  • Fixed: [image] shortcode size small

Version 2.2.2 – Jul 18

  • Added: OGP Meta tags
  • Added: Fixed Image can link to a specific URL
  • Updated: files localization
  • Updated: language files
  • Fixed: Thumbnails appear only on hover on Safari and Firefox
  • Fixed: Elegant slider titles typography
  • Fixed: Layout on products tag page

Version 2.2.1 – Jul 04

  • Updated: child folder
  • Fixed: sale on variable product
  • Fixed: images cropped also if there isn’t the “Hard Crop” actived

Ver 2.2.0 – Jun 27

  • Added: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation
  • Added: YITH WooCommerce Compare
  • Added: global options for Twitter API
  • Updated: Twitter widget and shortcode now work with new API
  • Updated: language file
  • Updated: child folder
  • Fixed: on sale/out of stock badge z-index
  • Fixed: JigoShop functions to get image sizes
  • Fixed: JigoShop loop for products on sale
  • Fixed: Shortcode support in archive categories
  • Fixed: Sale flash on variable products
  • Fixed: post id in extra content

Ver 2.1.0 – Jun 07

  • Added: Option to hide WooCommerce ordering dropdown on products pages
  • Added: filter yiw_upsells_text
  • Added: wpml-config.xml for WMPL compatibility
  • Added: confirm message when you want install the sample data
  • Added: [sitemap] shortcode
  • Added: Popup
  • Added: maintenance mode and custom login
  • Added: Partial Romanian language pack
  • Added: slogan and subslogan on shop page
  • Added: delete resized images option
  • Updated: WooCommerce templates
  • Updated: child folder
  • Fixed: Product categories image size in catalog pages
  • Fixed: resize image with SSL connection
  • Fixed: Removed old template empty.php and added cart-empty.php
  • Fixed: yiw_post_id and fixed titles, breadcrumbs and slogans
  • Fixed: number of related products shown with filters enabled
  • Fixed: Sidebar for shop pages (JigoShop)
  • Fixed: Magnifier slider
  • Fixed: thumbnails with class image
  • Fixed: sale icons didn’t show
  • Removed: Gravity Forms premium plugin
  • Removed: WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav premium plugin
  • Removed: WooCommerce Compare Products premium plugin
  • Removed: Gravity Forms Product Addons premium plugin

Ver 2.0.1 – May 24

  • Added: Option to hide WooCommerce ordering dropdown on products pages
  • Added: Estonian partial translation by kissthesys
  • Updated: WooCommerce templates
  • Fixed: Slider disappeared in home page
  • Fixed: Product detail pages empty
  • Fixed: Sale badge everywhere with WooCommerce 2.0.10
  • Fixed: added message ‘Add to cart’ in Wishlist page

Ver 2.0 – May 20

  • Added: YITh Magnifier for the zoom feature
  • Added: Compare feature
  • Added: AJAX Layered Nav
  • Added: Taxonomy category for the testimonials. The shortcodes [testimonials] and [testimonials_slider] now support the attribute category=”cat-slug”
  • Added: new system for external plugin management
  • Added: Extra content also on the shop page
  • Added: French translation sent by “sydshopgab” (
  • Updated: LayerSlider to last version and made it responsive
  • Updated: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • Updated: language files
  • Updated: child folder
  • Fixed: Slider on the shop page for JigoShop
  • Fixed: error with category link in categories list
  • Fixed: Blog page breadcrumb and title now show correctly
  • Fixed: Style change when the products categories slider and another products slider are one next to other
  • Fixed: Features tab support for shortcodes
  • Fixed: Recent Comments widget shows correctly only approved comments
  • Fixed: Related products hidden
  • Fixed: WooCommerce default image sizes
  • Fixed: Shop page slider issue
  • Fixed: Testimonial single featured image hidden when the featured image of the single blog posts was hidden by theme option
  • Fixed: Undefined variable in the pagination
  • Fixed: Shop categories list typography
  • Fixed: Checkout Terms checkbox on responsive
  • Fixed: Catalog images size in traditional view

Ver 1.9.1 – April 11

  • Added: Option to show/hide breadcrumb on single posts
  • Added: exclude parameter to the [product_categories_slider] shortcode
  • Added: Danish translation pack by Jesper
  • Added: Instagram social shortcode ([social type=”instagram” href=”#”])
  • Added: custom textarea in header
  • Added: sc rating and yiw_add_to_cart
  • Added: show and number of related products in theme options
  • Added: Spanish Language Pack – by: ered15 and Jorge Burgos
  • Updated: Languages packs
  • Fixed: Widget Cart buttons line-height
  • Fixed: Cross sells width
  • Fixed: Mini Layer and Nivo Slider typography issue
  • Fixed: Single product page responsive
  • Fixed: slider not shown when qTranslate Slug plugin is active
  • Fixed: Wishlist now handle also External products
  • Fixed: Breadcrumb correctly handle all UTF8 characters
  • Fixed: Wishlist error when adding products with cookies enabled and not logged in
  • Fixed: WooCommerce lightbox now works on mobiles
  • Fixed: Products show the browser title when overing with mouse
  • Fixed: Map text now strip slashes
  • Fixed: Product categories childrens indentation
  • Fixed: Widget cart double buttons
  • Fixed: Wishlist error when the product does not exist
  • Fixed: Footer titles, text and links options
  • Removed: Old $.bind() usage

Ver 1.9 – March 12

  • Added: Woocommerce 2.0 Support
  • Fixed: Woocommerce 2.0 thumbnails

Ver 1.8.5 – Feb 08

  • Added: Hook yiw_after_logo
  • Added: support for menus with depth higher than 3
  • Added: yiw_main_menu_depth filter
  • Added: Sub navigation and logo text size options
  • Added: Filter yiw_tags_allowed to add custom allowed tags such as something
  • Fixed: Slider Nivo was sometimes not clickable
  • Fixed: woocommerce languages files fix
  • Fixed: Add to cart button now appear also if there’s not price
  • Fixed: Price tag does not appear if there’s not price
  • Fixed: yiw_addp() excludes
  • Fixed: share wishlist
  • Fixed: feed url in dashboard
  • Fixed: Wishlist was not disabled correctly when you untick the apposite option
  • Fixed: Product enquiry form plugin CSS
  • Fixed: Breadcrumb on the portfolio template
  • Fixed: Title does not print description if it is empty
  • Fixed: Contact Forms cannot contain _ (underscore) in the name
  • Fixed: Notice within the shortcode [product_categories_slider]
  • Fixed: product variations
  • Updated: Child theme folder

Ver. 1.8 – Jan 16

  • Added 1.8: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium plugin
  • Added: Options for the background color of the main menu
  • Updated 1.8: Languages files
  • Fixed: Show Topbar option now works
  • Fixed: Product lightbox within features tabs
  • Fixed: error with the shortcode
  • Fixed: shortcode [size] paragraph
  • Fixed: Flexslider shortcode now is responsive
  • Fixed: shortcode slider testimonial (added wp_reset_query())
  • Fixed: variations in IE10.
  • Fixed: tag li newsletter
  • Fixed: resources usage fix
  • Fixed: stock management
  • Fixed: [tabs] shortcode error
  • Fixed: stock quantity text position
  • Fixed: Features tab icon
  • Fixed: yiw_addp() typography scs fix
  • Fixed: Slider Nivo was sometimes not clickable
  • Fixed: Add to cart button now appear also if there’s not price.
  • Fixed: Price tag does not appear if there’s not price
  • Fixed: woocommerce languages files fix Updated: Child theme folder

Ver. 1.7 – Dec 17

  • Updated: LayerSlider to 3.5 version (you have to set again the sliders in Theme Options -> Sliders)
  • Added: Turkish translation by fatihyesil
  • Added: Polish translation
  • Added: german translation
  • Added: Out of stock flash also on single product
  • Added: Title of the product color option when hover
  • Added: submenu typography option
  • Fixed: Theme Options in wordpress 3.5
  • Fixed: jquery UI version for wordpress 3.5
  • Fixed: images of shop in responsive
  • Fixed: slider products in RTL direction
  • Fixed: double content in the pages
  • Fixed: Wrong title in share shortcode
  • Fixed: bug with features tab
  • Fixed: Google +1 button
  • Fixed: Updated Google Fonts
  • Fixed: Title of the product color option
  • Fixed: menu active item in default navigation
  • Fixed: special font issue in call to action shortcode
  • Fixed: jquery error when there’s not a tab in the single product view
  • Fixed: Mobile_Detect no longer duplicated when already declared
  • Fixed: Removed Calibri font from woocommerce style
  • Fixed: wrong font in call to action two
  • Fixed: some inexistent backgrounds removed from the CSS
  • Fixed: Bug with categories font hover
  • Fixed: Slider Nivo short text support shortcodes
  • Fixed: class of the box shortcode. It failed with a woocommerce plugin
  • Fixed: minilayers stripslashes
  • Fixed: cursor for the label in the header search form
  • Fixed: full class for the contact form
  • Fixed: FAQ labels
  • Fixed: updated languages files default and .pot
  • Fixed: Error with emails and payments
  • Fixed: error with the slider shortcode
  • Fixed: tab shortcode jump when click on headings
  • Fixed: bug with the option “Show add to cart” on products list
  • Fixed: bad request url in contact form, for some servers
  • Fixed: sample data importer

Ver. 1.6.1 – Sept 07

  • Added: star rating in shop page and product detail page
  • Added: partial Japanese translation (thanks to Takashi Sugitsuka)
  • Fixed: bug in width of each product in shop page
  • Fixed: bugs with slider scripts
  • Fixed: bug with portfolio sidebar
  • Fixed: bug typography in paragraphs and links
  • Fixed: style of woocommerce errors messages
  • Fixed: special font in the shortcode call to action

Ver. 1.6 – Aug 27

  • Added: holiday mode in header
  • Added: items attribute in the [product_slider] and [product_categories_slider] shortcode
  • Added: polish translation (thanks to Justyna Bizdra)
  • Added: partial russian translation (thanks to Anatoliy Ruchka)
  • Fixed: button in products out of stock
  • Fixed: urls of some elements of the theme, when the theme is in https
  • Fixed: bugs in the metaboxes removed when a post is saved by Quick Edit feature
  • Fixed: bugs in pagination of blog page
  • Fixed: order in features tab posts
  • Fixed: some notices shown in the pages without posts
  • Fixed: option for the color of active item in the navigation menu
  • Fixed: bugs with portfolio sidebars
  • Fixed: bugs of typography and fonts options
  • Fixed: variations bugs in the single product page
  • Fixed: words localization around the theme
  • Fixed: mistake in slider product categories
  • Fixed: woocommerce folder in child theme
  • Fixed: share shortcode bug
  • Fixed: bugs with the file templates of shop pages

Ver. 1.5.1 – Jul 29

  • Fixed: bug in the style of the products list in some shortcodes
  • Fixed: bug in layout setting for the shop archive pages
  • Fixed: wrong position of description in categories pages
  • Fixed: layout width in the single product page, where there is the sidebar
  • Fixed: duplication in product detail pages
  • Fixed: product and categories slider shortcode in responsive mode
  • Fixed: bug of elastic slider in responsive mode

Ver. 1.5 – Jul 21

  • Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce 1.6 and major
  • Fixed: slider wasn’t shown in the shop page when it is a home page
  • Fixed: bug with multiple portfolios
  • Fixed: bug with pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Fixed: share buttons for twitter and facebook in blog posts and for buttons in shop pages
  • Fixed: bug in options for headings typography
  • Fixed: bug in options for shop buttons colors
  • Fixed: position of sale icon in shop pages
  • Fixed: tags stripped from the titles of slider elastic
  • Fixed: style of 404 template page
  • Fixed: border-radius in the shop images
  • Fixed: bugs in responsive mode
  • Added: dropdown select for the navigation in responsive mode
  • Added: sidebar in responsive mode
  • Added: new style for the category list in shop page
  • Added: option to choose the category image size, in woocommerce settings
  • Added: options to show or hide the “View Project” button in portfolio pages
  • Added: [share] shortcode to share the products
  • Updated: languages files
  • Updated: LayerSlider plugin version updated
  • Updated: woocommerce files templates

Ver. 1.4 – Jun 14

  • Fixed: notice with wordpress 3.4
  • Fixed: colors options for topbar
  • Fixed: typography option for general paragraphs and for blog comments
  • Fixed: code mistake in comments list
  • Fixed: almost all categories didn’t show any categories when there weren’t any categories selected in theme options
  • Fixed: bug in the sliders, when the theme is installed in a windows server
  • Fixed: widget of layerslider
  • Fixed: removed sorting dropdown in some shortcodes of shop plugin
  • Fixed: size of shop images, that was blurred
  • Added: cart hover in the ribbon of the topbar, that you can decide to show or hide in theme options settings
  • Added: archives template for an archive page
  • Added: searchform in header, that you can decide to show or hide in theme options settings
  • Added: little animation when the products are added to cart in the products list page

Ver. 1.3.2 – Jun 07

  • Fixed : bug in the shop layout pages
  • Fixed : stripslashes in the title of slider nivo and layer
  • Fixed : color of add to cart button
  • Fixed : options to show/hide add to cart button and price tagin the single product page
  • Fixed : opening quote in the testimonial slider shortcode
  • Added : target attribute in the [button] shortcode
  • Added : pinterest icon for social shortcode
  • Added : product summary in the product single page
  • Added : child theme folder
  • Added : category in the [items] shortcode
  • Added : ability to add/remove the link in the titles of the testimonial slider
  • Updated : the layers slider plugin

Ver.1.3.1 – May, 24

  • Fixed: option to change the color of text logo
  • Fixed: option for the breadcrumb in the wordpress pages
  • Fixed: bug with slashes in the title of the nivo slider
  • Fixed: language localization around the theme options
  • Added: sidebar for the widget qTranslate in the topbar
  • Added: option to change the text in the map of page header

Ver. 1.3 – May, 16

  • Removed: background from images folder and from the list of body backgrounds presets
  • Updated: list of google fonts
  • Fixed: colors options for the shop buttons
  • Fixed: warning message shown for the bad widgets retrieving
  • Fixed: title was hidden in “Related Products” section, in Jigoshop
  • Fixed: bugs with shop pages layout
  • Fixed: little bug with ajax request in woocommerce cart widget
  • Fixed: style for the variations dropdowns, in the product detail page
  • Fixed: active status in the product tab, in product detail page, with jigoshop installed
  • Fixed: double fixed-image header in the responsive layout
  • Added: options to hide the topbar and the cart in topbar
  • Added: the dropdown in the topbar menu
  • Added: options for the gallery and portfolio pages
  • Added: more filters in the products list in admin panel, with woocommerce installed
  • Added: breadcrumbs, that was missing
  • Added: layout for the portfolio post detail page

Ver. 1.2 – April, 28

  • Added: portfolio and gallery pages
  • Fixed: a little issue with theme options tab general saving
  • Fixed: price filter in menu navigation, when it’s not used the woocommerce widget


  • Buttons:
  • Social icons:
  • jQuery
  • Nivo Slider
  • Piecemaker Flash slider: piecemaker
  • Awkward slideshow:
  • Elastic slider, thanks to Codropos:
  • UnoSlider, purchased with a extended license here:
  • Layerslider, the parallax slider, purchased with a extended license here:
  • Google Fonts: Webfonts with Google fonts</>
  • Cufon
    • Quicksand font
    • Champagne e Limousines font
    • Lobster font
    • Days font
    • Yanone Kaffeesatz font
    • Bebas
    • Waukegan
    • Dustismo
    • Folks
    • Reklame Script
    • Nilland
    • Merge
    • Delicious Font
    • League Gothic
    • Chunk Five
  • PrettyPhoto
  • Rohan Mehta – WordPress Admin Options
  • JCarousel by
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      • Unlimited Colors
      • Google / Cufon Fonts + Add Your Own
      • 2x Background Layers for Header & Footer
      • 1x Background Layers for Body Area
      • Background Color / Gradients
      • Background Image
      • Background Image / Video Cycle
      • Background Patterns
    • Powerful Admin Options:
      • Enable / Disable Responsive
      • Global Layouts for Pages / Blog Pages
      • Number of Sidebars
      • Customize Blog Layout ( Normal / Grid )
      • Customize Blog Images ( Size, Effect, Position )
      • Customize Blog Metadata ( Left align / Below title )
      • Excerpt Control
      • Global Header Settings ( Add custom HTML, disable drop panel and search )
      • Global Footer Settings ( Add custom HTML, disable lower footer )
      • Global Social Media Options ( with custom URL’s for icons )
      • Customize Theme ( Custom CSS, Mobile CSS, Custom Scripts )
      • + tonnes more
    • Child Theme
    • Multisite compatible ( See licensing options for multi-site use )
    • Page Builder ( Custom version of Visual Composer )
    • 8 Highly Configurable Stunning Galleries
      • Revolution Slider
      • Stage
      • Nivo
      • iSlider
      • Group Slider
      • Grid Gallery
      • Accordion
      • 3d Piecemaker
    • Filterable Portfolio
    • Gallery Slide Manager
    • Flckr Sets Support
    • Image Effects
      • Frame
      • Shadow
      • Reflection
      • Shadow + Reflection
      • Black & White
      • Black & White + Frame
      • Black & White + Shadow
    • Wistia Video Hosting Integration
    • JW Player 6.x Integration with Audio / Video
    • Select Menus per page
    • Post Formats Support
    • Page Layout Options
      • Full Width
      • 1x Columns (Left Align, Right Align)
      • 2x Columns (Left Align, Right Align, Left & Right)
    • Pricing Tables
    • jQuery features:
      • Accordion
      • Tabs
      • Vertical Tabs
      • Toggle (Reveal)
      • Content Animator
      • Fancybox Lightbox
    • Social Media:
      • 16 Social Icons with Custom URL’s
      • Facebook Like
      • Tweet + Counter
      • Google+ Recommend
      • Pin it ( Pinterest )
      • Twitter Feed
    • Custom Widgets
      • Lightweight Contact Form
      • Animated Widget Gallery
        • Posts
        • Images
        • Text
        • Post Formats
      • Text Widget Shortcode Support
    • Theme Update Notifier
    • Documentation, Screencasts, Demo XML + Dedicated Support Forum

    See change log below:

    Version 5.3 - 20th April 2016
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - Contact Form Fix ( PHP 5.3+ ) 
    Version 5.2 - 14th February 2016
        - Sidekick - 1 full year of access to SIDEKICK?s premium walkthroughs for FREE
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Added Transparent Header Link Hover 
        - WP 4.5 compatibility
        - BuddyPress Cover Image Fix
        - Portfolio Fix For Shortcodes
        - Singe Image Target Fix
        - Customizer Fix
        - Grid Gallery Fix
        - Portfolio Categories in Visual Composer Fix
    Version 5.1 - 10th January 2016
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Revolution Slider Update 
        - BuddyPress Cover Images
        - Slide Set Lazy Load Fix
        - Fix for Gallery Attached Media
        - General Bug Fixes
    Version 5.0.4 - 13th October 2015
        - Fix Post Display Title
        - Logo Display Fix
        - Fix For Errors With Visual Composer
        - Fix for Pagination on Home Page Galleries
        - Added Pagination for Portfolio Posts
    Version 5.0.3 - 9th October 2015
        - Revolution Slider update ( 5.0.9 )
        - Visual Composer ( 4.7.4 )
    Version 5.0.2 - 20th August 2015
        - Revolution Slider update ( Fix for WP 4.3 )
        - WP 4.3 shortcode fixes
        - Customizer Fix for WP 4.3
        - Grid Gallery Shadow Fix
        - Desktop Only Sticky Header
        - Mobile Menu Font Styling Improved
        - Fix ability to select "Portfolio Categories" 
        - Demo Data Fix
    Version 5.0.1 - 11th August 2015
        - Fix Mobile Menu Icon Color
        - Re-worked Skins
        - BuddyPress Styling Improved
        - Revolution Slider 5
        - Option to Remove Footer / Header Shadow
    Version 5.0 -  30th July 2015 ** HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY DYNAMIX **
        - Brand new demo site
        - Transparent Headers
        - Widget Area for Header
        - Modern Styling
        - Visual Composer Update
        - YouTube Video Backgrounds
        - Easy Image Selector For Galleries ( See Image Selector Datasource )
        - Portfolio Categories for Post Grid and Masonry Post Grid
        - Anchor ScrollTo function for Rows 
        - Portfolio Admin Options
        - Much Improved Woocommerce Styling
        - Much Improved bbPress Styling
        - Much Improved Mobile Menu
        - Much Improved Mega Menu
        - Improved Blog Excerpt
        - Improved Full Height Rows
        - Improved Front-End Editing
        - Improved Sticky Menu
        - Contact Form 7 Integration
    Version 4.3.1 -  30th June 2015
        - Better Excerpt Function ( No need for a plugin now ) 
        - Visual Composer Update with Security Fix
        - IE11 Gradient Fix
        - General Bug Fixes
    Version 4.3 -  12th May 2015
        - Wide Rows + Wide Content
        - Improved Parallax ( Now with fade )
        - Visual Composer Update
        - All Visual Composer Elements + Styling enabled by default
        - IE Fix for Gradient Backgrounds
        - URL Anchor Links Now Function
        - Post Categories Fix for Sliders
    Version 4.2.4 -  24th March 2015
        - Row Background Fix
        - WordPress Security Fix
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Search Pagination Fix
        - Translation Fix for Grid Filtering
        - Extended Menu Fix
    Version 4.2.3 -  13th February 2015
        - Search Fix
        - Image Ratio Improvement ( Now set only a height value for auto width )
        - Font Awesome Update
        - StyledBox Fix
        - Option to enable all VC elements ( Theme Options > General )
    Version 4.2.2 -  2nd February 2015
        - Customizer Fix
        - Visual Composer 4.4.2
        - Image Path Fix
        - T_FUNCTION error fix
        - Tabs Scroll Fix
        - No Search Term Fix
        - Added Visual Composer Image Gallery Support
        - General Bug Fixes
    Version 4.2.1 -  20th January 2015
        - Max Width Fix ( Theme Options > General )
        - Theme Update Admin Option
        - Customizer Fix
        - Visual Composer 4.4.1
        - Video Fix
    Version 4.2 -  22nd December 2014
        - Site Width Control
        - Global Featured Image Control for Blog
        - Footer Height Fills Rest of Page
        - Lighter / Cleaner CSS for Drop Panel
        - Scroll-to Function ( For One-Page Parallax )
        - New CleanGreen Skin
        - Fixed Customizer for WordPress 4.1
        - Visual Composer 4.3.5 Update
        - Revolution Slider 4.6.5 Update
    Version 4.1 -  6th September 2014
        - Simpler Admin Options
        - Better Ubermenu Integration
        - Visual Composer 4.3.3 Update
        - Revolution Slider 4.6 Update
        - FontAwesome Update
        - Slide Set order by name
        - Change blog image alignment to align with content text too
        - Password Protected Post Fix
        - Pricing Table Fix for VC 4.3 +
        - Social Icons Align Fix
        - List indent fix
        - Video Stretch Fix for JW Player
        - Auto to top button re-positioned
        - Flickr Update
    Version 4.0.8 -  12th June 2014
        - Visual Composer Update v4.2.2
        - Extra Font Icons ( Font Awesome Update )
        - Page Comments Fix
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - BuddyPress Hidden Registration Fields Fix
        - Page Skin Select Fix
        - Visual Composer Updates / Activation Notifications Disabled
    Version 4.0.7 -  30th May 2014
        - Visual Composer Update v4.2.1
        - bbPress styling fix ( TinyMCE )
        - Stage Gallery Title Overlay Fix
        - Flickr Fix
    Version 4.0.6 -  22nd May 2014
        - Visual Composer Update ( )
        - Editor Quick Shortcode Fix for Lists
        - Comments Fix
        - Parallax with Revolution Slider Fix
        - Fixed Social Media Permalinks in Posts
        - bbPress styling Fix
    Version 4.0.5 -  5th May 2014
        - Visual Composer Update ( 4.1.2 )
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - Editor Quick Shortcode Fix for WP 3.9
        - BuddyPress styling fixes
        - Tabs display full width fix
    Version 4.0.4 - 18th April 2014
        - Visual Composer Update ( 4.1 - 4.1.1 currently contains bugs )
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - WP 3.9 Bug Fixes 
    Version 4.0.3 - 14th April 2014
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - RESS max image size for mobile and tablets
    Version 4.0.2 - 2nd April 2014
        - Parallax Mobile Width Fix
        - Admin Options Notice Duplication
        - Offline documentation
            - Enqueue Google Fonts
    Version 4.0.2 - 24th January 2014
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Wide Row / Parallax Full Width Fix
        - Postmeta Author Name Fix
        - Recent Post Excerpt Fix
        - White Text Style ( VC  > Text Block > Styles )
        - WP 3.8.x Admin Bar Fix
        - Mobile Menu Trigger Fix
    Version 4.0.1 - 30th December 2013
        - Updated Revolution Slider 
        - Improved BuddyPress integration
        - Improved BuddyPress styling
        - iPad Menu Fix
        - Implemented Rich Snippets
    Version 4.0 - 19th December 2013
        - Visual Composer Update
        - Re-worked all existing Skins
        - Parallax and Custom Row Backgrounds
        - Font Awesome Icons Integration
        - Font Icon Shortcode ( Choose from 369 icons )
        - Updated Theme Graphics
        - Sticky Header Fix
        - New Mobile Menu Integration
        - Improved SEO Page Title
        - Updated Admin Interface 
    Version 3.2.1 - 22nd November 2013
        - Revolution version 4.0.6 Update ( DynamiX/plugins/ ) - Also Fixes Ubermenu Issue
        - Fix Retina Scroll Logo
        - Social Sharing Toolkit Plugin Admin Compatibility 
    Version 3.2 - 4th November 2013
        - Load plugins remotely via TGM 
        - Portfolio Post Limit Field
        - Breadcrumbs Fix
        - iSlider Thumbnail Resize
        - Load core JS file in the footer
        - Posts Limit Fix For Visual Composer Galleries
        - Fix Retina ( Desktop ) Logo
        - Fix Logo Scroll Resize
     Version 3.1.2 - ( 16th September 2013 )
        - Add CSS Classes to Toggle / Styled Box
        - Shortcodes for Text Editor
        - Improved Slide Set performance
        - Mobile Navigation Location ( Set a menu for mobile devices )
        - Visual Composer Portfolio Sort / Excerpt Options
        - Stage Gallery - One Slide Video Fix
        - Sticky Menu Admin Bar Fix
        - Updated Visual Composer
        - Updated Revolution Slider
     Version 3.1.1 - ( 12th August 2013 )
        - Pie Chart Element
        - Textdomain Fix
        - Mobile Sidebar Align Fix
        - BuddyPress Sidebar Fix ( Sidebar, Content, Sidebar )
        - Twitter Solution + API Options
        - First Image Detection Option
        - Improved Localization
        - Menu Animation Improvement
        - Woocommece styling improvement
        - Accordion auto height fix
     Version 3.1 - ( 30th July 2013 ) 
        - Sticky Menu Option
        - Wide Row Class
        - Parent Menu Highlight
        - Revolution Slider Update
        - One-Click Install
        - New Demo Content
        - Sidebar content is now set after main content
        - Improved Localization 
        - BBPress Layout Fix
        - Twitter Icon Update
        - Fixed Visual Composer Bleeding into Content Issue
        - Fixed PHP 5.4 Errors with mapper.php 
        - Social Icon in VC Fix

    Version 3.0.5 – ( 12th July 2013 )

    • Added Accordion Active Tab
    • WPML Flag Area
    • Slide Sets removed from Search Results
    • Flickr slow loading Fix
    • Stage Gallery Visual Composer Timeout Fix
    • Visual Composer Update ( Fixes PHP errors )
    • Content Animator in Stage Gallery Fix
    • Image Effect Shortcode CSS Class Fix

    Version 3.0.4 – ( 26th June 2013 )

    • Animate Elements onto Page
    • Slide Set Multiple Video Fix
    • Slide Sets removed from Search Results
    • Gallery ID fix
    • Page / Post ID Data Source Type
    • StyledBox Heights
    • LinkedIn Social Icon Share Fix
    • Visual Composer Fix Product Category / Tag Data Source
    • Revolution Slider Button Fix
    • Text Block Edit ( Visual Composer ) Fix
    • Theme Options Restore Fix
    • Twitter Update now using 1.1 API
    • iPad / iPhone Landscape Fix
    • JW Player Video within Galleries Improved

    Version 3.0.3 – ( 30th May 2013 )

    • Progress / Graph Bar Feature
    • Add WordPress Widgets to a Page
    • Visual Composer Update – Vastly Improved Performance
    • Multiple Slide Set fix
    • Author “Display name publicly as” option ( Posts / Header )
    • JW Player, YouTube, Vimeo Video Stops on Gallery Slide Change
    • Accordion Shortcode Mini-titles Fix
    • Post Gallery Sort / Orderby Fix
    • Simpler Default Skin option

    Version 3.0.2 – ( 6th May 2013 )

    • Branding Display Toggle
    • Visual Composer Gallery ID Fix
    • Better RTL support
    • Revolution Slider in Visual Composer
    • Author Bio Fix with Woocommerce
    • Audio support in JW player lightbox
    • Child-Theme BuddyPress / bbPress support
    • Improved Search Page
    • Visual Composer Update
    • Revolution Slider Update

    Version 3.0.1 – ( 22nd April 2013 )

    • BuddyPress 1.7 Support
    • Retina Branding Support ( See Theme Options > Header )
    • JW Player Lightbox Support
    • Woocommerce Page Layout Admin ( See Theme Options > Woocommerce )
    • Full Screen Video Background Support
    • Read More Disable ( Slide Sets ) Fix
    • Standard Heading Font Family Fix
    • JS Composer PHP 5.4 Fix
    • Image Resizing Fix ( affected servers only )
    • Drop Panel / Search Display Fix
    • Theme Options export / import Function
    • Custom Button URL ? Fix
    • Content Animator in Stage Gallery ? Fix

    Version 3.0 ( Major Update ) 8th April 2013

    • New HTML5 / CSS3 Design
    • New Responsive Functionality
    • Complete New Admin
    • Simpler, more intuitive set of Page / Post options
    • Page Builder ( Extended version of Visual Composer )
    • New LIVE Skin Customizer ( Extends the WP Customizer function )
    • New Gallery Slide Set Manager
    • Replaced Timthumb with an WP Image Resizer Script
    • Revolution Slider
    • iSlider
    • Nivo Slider
    • Woocommerce integration
    • PHP 5.4 Compliant

    UPDATED 6th November 2012 DynamiX 2.9.2

    • Twitter Fix
    • BuddyPress 1.6 Compatibility + Styling Improvements
    • Woocommerce Breadcrumb Fix

    UPDATED 9th August 2012 DynamiX 2.9.1

    • Woocommerce Integration with Cart
    • bbPress 2.1 Compatiblity
    • Category Description for Blogs
    • Lightbox For Stage Gallery
    • Drop Panel Trigger Close Function

    UPDATED 21st May 2012 DynamiX 2.9

    • Contact Form Widget
    • Author Bio / Name Fix
    • Excerpt content Improved
    • Event Manager Plugin (Maps) Compatibility
    • BuddyPress / bbPress border settings Fix
    • Left Slider Navigation Hover Effect Fix
    • Theme My Login plugin Fix
    • Black&White effect Fix
    • Recent Posts Order Fix

    UPDATED 22nd March 2012 DynamiX 2.8.9

    • black & white image effect
    • excerpt html support
    • priority loading (option to improve google page load)
    • improved plugin compatibility (jquery)
    • related posts
    • post navigation
    • metadata for recent posts
    • fix for jigoshop conflict
    • fix for accordion timeout
    • improved documentation
    • fix child theme
    • global author bio option (blog settings)

    UPDATED 4th January 2012 DynamiX 2.8.8

    • YouTube Playlist and Support
    • German Translated
    • Improved plugin compatibility
    • Zoom Crop Fix for Stage and 3d Gallery
    • Post Image Fix
    • Gallery widget disable read more text
    • Blockquote center fix
    • WPAdmin Bar Fix
    • Custom CSS Fix

    UPDATED 14th December 2011 DynamiX 2.8.7

    • Full integration with BBPress plugin (forum software without use of BuddyPress)
    • Full integration with WP e-Commerce plugin (add shop products into Galleries)
    • Improved BuddyPress styling
    • Skin Settings Page – Add your own skin colours/image for the Outer Skin + change font settings.
    • Easily backup and import your Gallery Slide Set Slides.
    • Updated documentation

    UPDATED 27th October 2011 DynamiX 2.8.6

    • Full Featured Recent Posts Shortcode
    • WP Thumbnail integration with Blog and Galleries
    • BuddyPress update and fixes
    • Extra Header options including Menu/Branding positions
    • Extended Menu (mega menu) system
    • Updated documentation

    UPDATED 4th October 2011 DynamiX v2.8.5

    • BuddyPress 1.5 Compatible
    • RTL Support (beta)
    • Accordion – collapse all panels option
    • Extra compatibility with plugins including Events Manager
    • Add HTML to header option
    • Add Favicon option
    • Combined some CSS files

    UPDATED 21st August 2011 DynamiX v2.8.4

    • Latest Timthumb Security Patch
    • Grid Filterting Lightbox Fix
    • 7 Grid Columns

    UPDATED 21st July 2011 DynamiX v2.8.3

    • New automatic Slide Set feature for inserting images
    • Select Multiple Slide Sets
    • Select Multiple Filter Categories for Slide Sets
    • New Ajax Form
    • New Documentation
    • JW Player Plugins Option


    UPDATED 19th June 2011 DynamiX v2.8.2

    • Revised Gallery Slide Set System
    • Option to Disable Timthumb
    • Video Shortcode
    • Grid & Group Slider Tite/Text Overlay Image Option
    • Group Slider Auto-Rotate option
    • Accordion Image Fix
    • Animated Filtering Fix for Posts
    • YUI compressed Javascript Front/Admin
    • New Screencasts (See documentation)
    • XML Sample Data Included
    • Change to .MO Language Translate System (See documentation)
    • Added Drop Panel and Footer column options (Select between 1 and 4 columns)

    UPDATED 15th April 2011 DynamiX v2.8.1

    • Faster Gallery Slide Set Save
    • Blog Settings Fix
    • JW Player Skin Option
    • Image Shortcode Lightbox Fix
    • Grid Gallery Multiple Category Filtering (Posts)

    UPDATED 18th March 2011 DynamiX v2.8

    • DynamiX Child Theme
    • Piecemaker 2
    • JW Player embed option
    • Embed into Galleries
    • Instruction to include into Lightbox
    • Grid Gallery 4, 5, 6 Column Options
    • Grid Gallery Animated Category Filtering
    • iPhone/iPad 3d Gallery Fall Back (3d Gallery)
    • Menu Navigation Loop Bug Fix
    • Shortcode Image Gallery with new Animation Effects
      See Slide 4 -> Tab 2
    • Text Only Stage Gallery
    • Put shortcodes within the Stage Gallery
      See slide 4
    • Add Remove Read More Link
    • Upgraded Prettyphoto upgrade/move stylesheet
    • Reduce SQL query calls
    • Change jQuery calls procedure
    • Blog Image Display Bug Fix
    • Add image effect settings for Blog Settings Page
    • Accordion excerpt issue Bug Fix
    • Change Accordion gallery image ratio
    • Dates to WP settings
    • Add further language support
    • WP Next Page Pagination Formatting
    • Disable All Stage Gallery Navigation Option
    • HTML5 Doctype
    • JQUERY v5.1
    • Timthumb Upgrade

    UPDATED 1st Feb 2011 DynamiX v2.7.5

    • Fix Javascript plugin compatibility
    • Grid Blog Template
    • Image/Text Wiget Gallery with 20+ effects

    UPDATED 8th Jan 2011 DynamiX v2.7

    • Accordion Gallery
    • Admin Shortcode Generator Fix
    • Breadcrumbs Fix

    UPDATED 03rd Jan 2011 DynamiX v2.6.5

    • 3d Gallery
    • New Admin Options and Skin
    • Excerpt limit option for Galleries
    • Faster load times

    UPDATED 15th December 2010 (v2.6)

    Great new features

    UPDATED20th October 2010 (v2.5)

    Great new features

    • 5 New Skins
    • Custom Skin Creator
    • BuddyPress Support with built in theme
    • Extra blog options with greater image control
    • iPhone/iPad video support via Vimeo
    • Random and Title sort by options added for Galleries

    UPDATED 2nd September 2010 (v2.1.1)

    The following has been resolved

    • Stage Gallery Bug with 1 Image
    • Slider Gallery within Reveal Content Shortcode Fixed
    • Extra Translation Terms

    UPDATED 30th August 2010

    Now includes the following

    • Video in all Galleries (SWF, YouTube, Vimeo)
    • Set Stage Gallery Timeout
    • Set individual Gallery Slide Timeout (Match Video Length)
    • Drop Caps Shortcode
    • List Shortcode
    • Reveal Content Shortcode
    • Extra Translation Fields


    Now includes the following

    • Dedicated BLOG (With Page Functionality)
    • JQUERY Tabs
    • JQUERY Accordion
    • Improved Post Gallery (Post Order/Number of Posts)
    • New Style Box


    The Retailer – Responsive WordPress Theme


    The Retailer is a Top Selling Premium WordPress eCommerce Theme.

    Use it to build a beautiful responsive Online Store, a Portfolio, Personal/Corporate Site or a Blog. Your customers will fall in love with it! (WooCommerce 3.+ Compatible)

    Theme Documentation
    WooCommerce for Beginners
    Version 2.6.2 – Release Notes
    Support / Support Policy
    Quick Start –
    Easy Installation & Setup

    The importable dummy data will help you get started with building pages like the ones you see in the theme demo.

    Reliable Theme –
    Updates and Support

    We?re constantly working on improving the theme, keeping it up to date with the technology around.

    Theme Documentation
    & Video Guides for Beginners

    Step by step guides accompanied by video walkthroughs will help you configure and customize your new theme.


    Sell Anything Online

    Shippable or Downloadable Products, you got everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it like a boss.

    Color, Size, etc –
    Variable Products

    Sell products in different variantions, such as color, size or anything else that makes sense to your items.

    Digital Downloads

    Sell ebooks, digital photohraphy, music, design templates or any other downloadable products.

    Customer Reviews

    Add more value to your store items by engaging user into reviewing them for better social validation.

    Start an Affilitate Business

    Earn money online by selling products from external sites and affiliate partners such as

    Collect Payments

    PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, Cash on Delivery. These are the built-in payment methods but you?re not limited to the ones listed above.

    Sell Anywhere –
    Your Language, Your Currency

    Calculate Shipping Fees and Collect taxes on the go for each order.

    Manage Inventories,
    Get Business Insights with Reports

    Keep up with the store perfomace using the built-in reports. Track Orders, Customer and Stock.

    Catalog Mode –
    Turning off the eCommerce

    The Retailer was build from the begining having the online shopping experience in mind. As a store manger, you?ll love WooCommerce.


    Fully Customizable –
    Powerful Theme Options Panel

    Take control over the appearance of your site using the Theme Options panel. Make it unique in a few clicks.

    Lots of Pre-Built Page Layouts

    The importable dummy data will help you get started with building pages like the ones you see in the theme demo.

    650+ Google Webfonts
    to Choose From

    The theme integrates Google Web Fonts, offering you a large variety of typefaces to choose from when customizing the theme.


    Showcase your design work, a lookbook or a product catalog using the built-in Portfolio functionality.

    Fully Responsive Design
    Super Mobile-Friendly

    A beautiful experience on any device,
    desktop, tablet or phone.

    Arkin Leather Goods

    Arkin is an online business that sells British leather wallets and accessories for riders, musicians, drifters and everyday explorers.

    The Barba Company

    The Barba Company is an online shop that specializes in grooming & beard care products for men.


    Small digital shop offering high quality Photoshop actions and photography filters to creative people all over the world.

    Superior Ones

    New Zealand brand that produces street wear apparel catered to all genders and all ages.

    Roar Foods

    ROAR is a company that sells shippable products like raw organic and artisan food, full of nutritious stuff.


    The Retailer - Customer Testimonials

    I wish I could give you 10 stars! This theme is way better than any other theme on themeforest. I have worked with all the leading themes and this is by far the nicest to work with. Purchased last night and now have a shop up and running in a few hours.

    Amazing customer support. Always quick, efficient and straight to the point. Once you give them the info they need they can help with all areas of the theme. The theme itself is well built and really easy to use. One of the best WooCommerce themes I’ve found. Highly recommend purchasing this theme.

    A great and high quality theme. The developer provide a amazing quick and professional support. I wish every developer on Envato would offer this wonderful support. Thanks again for the amazing theme!

    Awesome theme! Easy to customize and setup!

    Great Theme, simple but very usefull. great support, too. thumbs up

    Amazing theme, and the customer support is phenomenal! There were videos to simplify the setup process, and GetBowtied (creators) responded within a few hours to help with questions. Great job guys!

    Je n’ai pas trouver de point négatif. Bravo.Je recommande ce thème le slider est super, le thème est complet et bien documenté. Le choix de modèle de page est très grand.

    I absolutely love this theme! This is my first time building out a wordpress website, and there are so many possibilities with this theme and it is so customizeable! Looks really professional!

    Really nice clean and easy to use theme. Very functional. Really great support too – very quick and to the point. Well done – I’ll be back again I think!

    This theme is very complete and with a fantastic design. Support from Get Bowtied is very good, they always respond and try to help.

    Superb. I’ve used several e-commerce themes and this one is by far the best.

    Brilliant Theme! I have purchased many a theme on ThemeForest and this theme has to be one of the most versatile themes and the build quality is excellent!

    It has so many options, very flexible, great design! I saw this theme the first when I was looking for themes and I never forgot about it. No matter how many other themes I saw I just could not forget about this one. Eventually I decided to make my purchase and I am very satisfied =)

    This theme is great and the support is the best!

    Beautiful Theme! In every single way.

    Best theme I’ve used yet!

    Great design and ability to change back end options.

    Customization to tailor it to your particular business is an important quality and customer support is also important. Bowtied offered both. Although they were a little more responsive before they introduced their second theme. It still is one of the best themes for merchandise out there.

    Thanks for the amazing theme and the great support! Cheers, Karim

    Great customer support! Would highly recommend this theme.

    Purchased for a small food trailer business, had everything I needed without a bunch of useless add-ons! Excellent!

    It’s the first time I buy a theme for selling products, I am completely satisfied with the purchase and help you provide! excellent!


    Ronneby – High-Performance WordPress Theme


    video presentation
    blog features
    portfolio features
    core features


    ----------07-09-16 V 2.0.5-------------------
    1. Woocommerce single product shortcode add to cart button for variable product bug fixed.
    2. Woocommerce products list shortcode bug fixed
    3. Typography bug fixed
    4. Appear effects bug fixed
    ----------29-08-16 V 2.0.4-------------------
    1. Theme options bug fixed.
    2. Images lazy load feature added for posts, portfolio and gallery items.
    3. Plugins updated.
    4. Tabs, tours and accordion module combatibility issues with latest Visual Composer version solved.
    5. WooCommerce 2.6.* compatibility issues solved.
    ----------04-05-16 V 2.0.3-------------------
    1. Corporate Agency full page layout added.
    2. Announcement and fancy text module appear effect option added.
    ----------03-05-16 V 2.0.2-------------------
    1. Theme options max_input_vars limit issue solved.
    2. Style compilation algorithm changed.
    ----------20-04-16 V
    1. Style compilation error fixed
    ----------19-04-16 V 2.0.1---------------------
    1. New demo added
    2. Three New Header variants added
    3. Plugin Updates included
    4. 404 page category dropdown bug fixed
    5. Search result: nothing found bug fixed
    ----------14-04-16 V 2.0-----------------------
    1. WordPress 4.5. Version Compatibility issues solved
    2. Two New Header variants added
    3. Plugin Updates included
    4. Theme memory usage optimized
    5. DFD Contact Form Module imporoved
    6. Translation added (German and Russian)
    7. Plugins updated
    8. Search results page styles updated
    9. New header styles option added
    10. Single image module bug fixed
    11. Header login form option added
    12. WP admin login area customization options added
    ----------18-03-16 V 1.1.1-extend--------------
    1. Variable product dropdown on mobile devices bug fixed.
    2. Variable product Add to cart disabled button styles added.
    3. PHP under 5.3 compatibility issue solved.
    4. Single post/portfolio/gallery/product pagination title fixed.
    5. Portfolio page link bug fixed.
    6. Portfolio options dependency bug fixed.
    --------------15-03-16 V 1.1.1---------------------
    1.     New modules added. The list is below:
            Blog Posts
            Button Module
            Contact Block
            Contact Block Horizontal
            DFD Accordion
            DFD Contact Form 
            DFD Single Image Shortcode      
            DFD Tabs
            DFD Tour
            Gallery Module
            Google Map
            Info Banner 2
            Info Box
            List Icon
            New Facts
            New Share Module
            New Social Accounts
            New Subscribe Module
            News Scroller (Beta)
            Pie Charts
            Portfolio Module
            Pricing Block
            Pricing Labels
            Progress Bar
            Services 2
            Slide Parallax
            Team Member
            Testimonials slider
            Twitter Module
            Video Player
    2.     Blog
        New single post style added
        New customizable blog posts page template added
            - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows, left image, right image
        Single options sections for blog added in theme options
    3.    Porfolio
        New single portfolio style added
        New customizable portfolio works page template added
            - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows
        Single options sections for portfolio added in theme options
        Portfolio tags support added
    4.    Gallery
        New single gallery style added
        New customizable gallery works page template added
            - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows
        Single options sections for gallery added in theme options
    5.     Woocommerce
        New single product style added
        Customizaton options for products category page added
        Single options sections for woocommerce added in theme options
        Orders Refund bug fixed
        Woocommerce 2.5.x compatibility issues solved
    6.     Header 5 & 8 Dropdown Scroll bug fixed
    7.     Custom fonts (typekit) upload option added
    8.     Server Check option added 
    9.    WordPress 4.4.2 compatibility issues solved
    P.S.  Please check theme documentation for new features here: Our support team is available via email if you need any assistance. Please also get          in touch with support if you need the full list of files changed this update.
    --------------29-09-15 V 1.1.0---------------------
    1. 2 new full page demos added 
    2. RTL support added 
    3. Lightboxes styling options added
    4. Stunning header title typography & vertical alignment options added
    5. Contact form 7 two styles added
    6. Social accounts added: Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat 
    7. Advanced carousel hover optimized
    8. Menu current element bug fixed
    9. Menu custom class bug fixed
    10. Theme options color picker bug fixed
    11. Ultimate Addons fixes
    12. Responsive settings fixed
    13. Portfolio hover subtitle added 
    14. Inside pagination for Visual Composer posts inner pages
    15. Widget typography added 
    16. WooCommerce category preview thumbs optimized
    17. Info banner bug fixed
    18. Side area Firefox and IE scroll bug fixed
    --------------10-09-15 V 1.0.9---------------------
    1. 4 new layouts added
    2. 3D animation effects for One Page Scroll template
    3. Preloader options added
    4. Portfolio hover style 24 added
    5. Default Ultimate Addons elements option added 
    6. WooCommerce thumbnail hover slideshow speed option
    7. Google Map module style added 
    8. Info box hover hotfix
    9. Firefox placeholder hotfix
    10. Social icons added 500px, Xing, Spotify, Houzz, Skype, Slideshare 
    11. Visual Composer 4.7
    12. Revolution Slider 5.0.7 included
    --------------29-08-15 V 1.0.8---------------------
    1. Apps and Porfolio slider layout changed.
    2. New layout added.
    3. Disable mobile typography settings option added.
    4. Progress bar module custom background option added.
    5. List icon module bug fixed.
    6. Testimonial module extended typography options added
    7. Facts module extended typography options added
    8. List icon module appear effect option added.
    9. Testimonial module bug fixed.
    10. Team member module custom link option added.
    11. Blog posts module /wide style/ bug fixed.
    --------------24-08-15 V 1.0.7---------------------
    1. WordPress 4.3 compatibility issues solved
    2. WooCommerce 2.4.6 compatibility
    3. Revolution Slider added
    4. Checkout payment methods description added
    5. Side Area with widgets option added
    6. Horizontal scroll option modules bug fixed
    7. Easy parallax portfolio hover effect added
    8. Xing and Spotify social icons
    9. Customizable 'To Top' button option added
    10. Header animation effect changed
    11. Facts element styles added
    12. Header 7 bug fixed
    13. Fancy text bug fixed
    14. Progress bar bug fixed
    15. List Icon module bug fixed
    16. Blog posts wide bug fixed
    17. Portfolio grid 2 columns mini page template added
    --------------12-08-15 V 1.0.6---------------------
    1. 3 new layouts added
    2. Visual Composer 4.6 compatibility
    3. WooCommerce 2.4.0 compatibility
    4. Revolution Slider 5.0 included
    5. Easy parallax effect on portfolio hover
    6. WooCommerce Catalogue mode option added
    7. Page template Page with right sidebar not stunning header
    --------------30-07-15 V 1.0.5---------------------
    1. Three new layouts added
    2. Horizontal scroll gallery module
    3. Social Accounts fixes
    4. Smooth scroll fixes
    5. Contact Form 7 styles fix
    6. Read more fixes
    7. Read more Shuffle style fixes
    8. Brotherhood Script font added
    9. Portfolio Description background color picker option added 
    10. Testimonials Title divider added
    11. Revolution Slider button styles modified
    12. Menu hidden in browser fixed
    13. Video Module fixes
    14. Plugins newest versions added
    --------------20-07-15 V 1.0.4---------------------
    1. New layouts added.
    --------------11-06-15 V 1.0.3---------------------
    1. 4 animated row background styles added
    2. Vertical Scroll and 2 Coming Soon layouts added
    3. Responsive navigation enhancements
    4. Side by Side slider fixes 
    5. Smart header added
    6. Posts 1 column with sort panel page template added
    7. Styled Modal Box module
    8. Countdown Module fixes
    9. Fancy text module font-weight added 
    10. Social Accounts module added
    11. More menu options added
    12. 'Read more' slide up button style added
    13. Mail, 500px and ViweBug icons added
    14. Advanced Carousel module fixed
    15. 10 Grid posts templates added
    --------------04-06-15 V 1.0.2---------------------
    1. Retina logo fixed
    2. Mobile menu adjustments
    3. Menu delimiters enable/disable option
    4. Advanced carousel fixes
    5. Logo middle position 
    6. Background check option fixed
    7. Block under single portfolio element added
    8. Blog posts grid templates added 
    9. Modal box styled
    10. Multiscroll option fixed
    11. Getimagesize logo warning check
    12. Self hosted video post fixed
    13. Sticky header enable/disable option
    --------------01-06-15 V 1.0.1---------------------
    1. New layouts added: Promo, Vertical Scroll, One page navigation and Scrolling effect
    2. Side by side element added
    3. Scroll effect module added
    4. Bug fixes and enhancements


    SimpleMag – Magazine theme for creative stuff



    SimpleMag WordPress magazine theme main features

    More Features

    • WooCommerce
    • bbPress
    • Responsive Layout
    • Off-Canvas navigation
    • Unlimited colors
    • SEO friendly
    • System fonts and Google fonts
    • AJAX Mega Menu and Columns Menu
    • Page Composer with variety of sections:
      • WordPress Editor
      • Title
      • Posts Slider with options
      • Posts Carousel with options
      • Featured Posts
      • Latest By Category
      • Latest By Posts Formats
      • Latest Reviews
      • Latest Posts with options to select a layout ( Masonry, Grid, List or Classic ) and add a banner between posts.
      • Full Width Image
      • Image Ad
      • Code Generated Ad
    • Different Homepage Variations
    • Different Categories Layouts
    • Post Options
    • Multiple Ad placeholders
    • Authors Page with author info
    • Full WPML support
    • Support for RTL languages
    • Child Theme

    Custom Widgets

    • About the site
    • Authors
    • Featured Posts
    • Latest Comments
    • Latest Posts
    • Latest Posts by Category
    • Most Commented
    • Top Rated
    • Video
    • Image Ad
    • Code Ad

    Custom Shortcodes Plugin

    • Accordion
    • Buttons
    • Drop Cap
    • Columns
    • Image Box
    • Info Box
    • Tabs
    • Titles
    • Site Authors
    • Separators

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    Images used in demo

    All images (CC Licence) were taken from this photographers Flickr streams only for demo purpose.
    Jay DeFehr, VladJanuary, Hillary Boles, Lauren Manning, Lies Thru a Lens

    None of these images are included in demo content import.